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Immersion Sector

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Immersion Sector is a multiplayer physics-based sandbox VR game. Get creative as you take control of physical objects with friends in this realistic multiplayer experience.

Mech Gun
Use the mech gun to open up a whole world of creative possibilities. With this tool, players can utilize different modes in order to manipulate their environment in various ways, whether it be spawning objects, scaling them, or orientating them. The following modes include:

  • Spawn – Spawn various entities including weapons, props, and NPCs
  • Move – Move entities around the environment
  • Scale – Resize entities
  • Fly – Fly around the environment

Physical Environment
This game uses a consistent set of advanced, realistic physical rules for everything in your environment. This includes players, enemies, weapons, props, and more. In other words, the physical interactions you will experience are very similar to real-world interactions.

Force Grab
Grab objects at a distance by pointing your palm towards said object until you see the marker, then grip and hold trigger. The object will then fly towards you until you automatically grab it when it’s in range.
Not every item is force-grabbable.

Fight physical ragdoll enemies using anything you want. Grab a weapon, use your fists, or setup a trap to counter your pursuer. Enemy ragdolls use their physical limbs to traverse the environment.

There are plenty of weapons to choose from when preparing to go against an enemy. Grab a pistol, a shotgun, or an assault rifle. If you don’t want to use a gun, grab a melee weapon. You can choose from a crowbar, a hammer, a wrench, a sledgehammer, or even a riot shield. There are a variety of blades one can choose to use as well! Can’t find the weapon you need? Create your own using the numerous props that are available to you through the mech gun.

Players have the ability to create their own private multiplayer sandbox lobbies that friends can join. Experience the physical world with friends and combine minds to shape unique experiences. Enjoy the new innovative generation of multiplayer VR interactions!

Cross-platform multiplayer among SteamVR, Oculus PCVR, and Oculus Quest headsets is supported!

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