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Hyper Dungeon Crawler

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Hyper Dungeon Crawler is a turn-based roguelike RPG with crafting. Collect materials and craft your unique tools, weapons, magic spells and other supplements and fight your way through a series of procedurally generated scenes.

  • Explore
  • Collect
  • Craft
  • Battle
  • Death
  • Another more expedition
  • Dozens of enemy types
  • Destroyable environments
  • Dozens of craft recipes
  • Over 100 types of materials and items
  • A number of procedurally generated levels and dungeons which brings you unique experience every time

Hyper Dungeon Crawler is designed to be a roguelike which is simpler to operate and understand, it challenges you to make up your own choices and strategy of actions.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I’m digging this game so far, especially for the price. It’s basically exactly as described in “about this game”. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of character leveling or skill tree which isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker but either / both of those would make the game more compelling.

Review from Steam

This is the groundwork for a really nice little game, and I did quite enjoy it for what it was, which is why I give this a positive review, but it is rather rough around the edges. Some things that would need to be ironed out before I can really recommend it:
- The inventory limitations are quite frustrating without adding much depth to the game itself, and with a full inventory you can't even dig through walls properly which makes this extra infuriating. The many different foodstuffs especially seem to be just designed to clog up your inventory.
- Permanent stat upgrade potions are super overpowered. The best strategy is to hoard all slime and all treefruit and use them for nothing else but permanent stat potions, and soon you can just punch bosses to death with your bare hands without even getting worried about your own health. The bonuses that weapons give you just pale in comparison.
- Spells are extremely underpowered and only good for selling (but you can't really use gold to buy that much good stuff anyway).
- Since you need all those apples and acorns for the overpowered stat increases, the best strategy is to completely empty the early maps of all tree produce you can find, and it's incredibly boring. Maybe the resources should clump up a little more. As it stands, this game is mostly about balancing one's boredom versus one's completionism, which is a shame, since the actual combat is quite enjoyable.
- The gameplay between different runs doesn't change much at all. There's not much RNG relevant enough to change playstyle, so the same strategy works the same in every run.
- Why do the downstairs dungeons even have locked doors if you can just dig through the walls to save your keys?

Review from Steam

Fun little game. Fairly challenging. My only gripe is that some stuff isn't explained. I see things that I feel like I should be able to interact with but I can't.

Review from Steam

I'm a huge rogue/rogue like fan, so fits into my collection really well.
Fun little game based on a brief play session. Need to spend more time to figure more things out.

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