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When SWAT gets the call, everything else has failed. Experience the high-risk world of the elite SWAT operator.

The job is tense, and every split-second decision has consequences. From infiltration to de-escalation: keen awareness, expert tactics and a strategic use of equipment are key to becoming a master of tactical strategy.

  • MASTER EACH MISSION: From hostage rescue to a terrorist bomb threat, arresting a biker gang boss or foiling a casino heist, each mission offers its own set of challenges to learn and overcome.
  • EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY ENCOUNTER: You'll need everything at your disposal to infiltrate and resolve each situation. Find the right tool for the right task!
  • MULTIPLE POINTS OF ENTRY: The obvious entrance isn't always best. Sneak around back or simply blast through the wall. Almost everything in the environment is destructible, allowing players to destroy windows, doors and walls to gain the upper hand.
  • UTILISE YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Crouch behind cover and slide over low objects to ensure you're in the safest and most advantageous position, whatever the situation.
  • GATHER YOUR UNIT: Play with 1-4 players in online and local co-op.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF: How quickly can you read a situation? Find the best strategy for every scenario. You'll only complete a perfect mission with zero infractions and zero casualties.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Most of the complaints about this game seem to revolve around the theme of "This isn't how I think it should be so it must be bad". For every complaint I have read, I also see a lack of understanding about a game mechanic or tactics in general. There were a few instances where I had no idea why certain things were happening only to find out there was something about the game that was not specifically addressed in the tutorial or any particular level, so I did not know to look for it. But once I realized what it was (specifically, the icon distinction between holding a weapon and pointing a weapon), I could adjust. I played through the entire game solo with only a handful of trouble spots, so the whole "difficulty is built around multiplayer" argument is completely invalid.
I played through each level one at a time and got each victory condition (1 to 5) and each challenge (not necessarily all in one attempt) before I started the next level so I did not need any future unlocks to succeed. Some of them make things a lot easier but they are not necessary, so if you are having trouble, just play through a few more levels and maybe one of the unlocks will help. Some levels are considerably more difficult than others (generally the more open levels), and those are the ones where you really need to understand the mechanics of the game (sliding, crouching, shouting, map overlay, etc.) and the various ways and circumstances in which you can use them. These levels are not impossible but you will need to think twice about what a good approach to a situation might be given what the game gives you to work with. It took me about 20 hours solo to get all the achievements, so clearly the game balance is not super crazy. I had fun solo and I can only imagine it would be more fun playing with others.
The gameplay felt cohesive and smooth and I never felt like I didn't have control over my character/icon. Controls are pretty simple so you will not need to memorize half the keyboard. Destructible environments (including cars) are nice although I didn't really see too much use for it while playing aside from door/wall breaching and short-cutting through windows. I do wish there was some type of armor/health meter. You just have to guess based on your blood trail and/or the bullet holes in your icon. I do wish you could shoot while sliding but I suppose that would make things quite a bit easier. You can at least shout while sliding and there is no restriction on how far you can slide as long as it is over low cover. I don't recall seeing a way to check your ammo reserves without actually reloading, but it wasn't really ever an issue either. Nothing in this game stands out to me as a major failure, just minor nit-picks which all games will have anyway.
I do recommend getting the game, but on a sale. It's fun, but it just seems a bit short to me. Maybe that's just me.
Some tips:
1) Sliding allows you to see over all cover, so if you are unsure where everyone is, slide over something small just enough to survey enemy positions and hopefully not get shot. This is more helpful on larger, open levels with a lot of short cover.
2) If you have multiple suspects to arrest in fairly close proximity, pick up their guns first so they can't go for them while you are cuffing. If you see them making a move, shout and they will freeze again.
3) You can make noise (or let them see you) to get enemies to move toward your position while you more quietly flank them or duck back into cover and relocate. They tend to go toward where they last saw/heard you.
4) To find the bomb in the parking garage, use the map overlay. Go up one floor at a time and look for the blinking icon.
5) Don't burden yourself by going for every victory condition and unlock in one attempt. There are some levels where this is viable but most levels will require at least two runs to get everything.

Review from Steam

War on button-cells
Combining the best elements of the legendary SWAT4 and the pixel-art indie hit Police Stories, Hot Brass offers a top-down shooter experience with deep tactical possibilities, where you will sneak or shoot your way in and out of bomb threats, hostage situations, heists in progress, and other search-and-detain missions. Note that Hot Brass itself is also an indie title, and despite being the first game of developer team Walk With Kings, it's already extremely polished.
The visual style is simple and practical, easy to read and percieve. Humans are represented by color-coded button-cells, displaying among others their current status and immediate intentions, the stance they're in and the type of weapon they're wielding (maybe I only miss a more precise indication of health, as bullet-holes aren't always telling). Action takes place in carefully designed top-view maps, just like you would imagine a SWAT-briefing visualizing the situation on a tactical board before actually going in. (Developers claim that the reason for not releasing a map editor is exactly the uniqueness they approached building the maps as opposed to the modular structure of an editor with all the assets would require, so no Steam Workshop for now.)
Enemy AI is quite intelligent, they are willing to abandon their positions or their patrol routes and investigate if they see of hear anything suspicious caused by our activity, plus the robust spawning system makes almost every playthrough on a map different (and you'll have a handful of playthroughs for sure). Rules of Engagements are quite strick, but that's hardly a surprise considering the presence of civilians and hostages. You always have to follow a protocol, first verbally dominating/intimidating the suspects, then applying non-lethal measures, then opening fire should remain the last resort in case the opponents are still reluctant to give up or started shooting at us. You need to be really careful with every single opponent as any unjustified harm to them would cost you the mission, on the other hand you obviously want to defend yourself, and sometimes it just doesn't pay off negotiating with a machine gunner firing at you. This duality is thoughtfully represented by the almost mutually exclusive conditions requiring you to either finish the mission inside a limited time window or don't apply lethal force (and don't let them applied it on you), each of them assumes different approach and equipment. Most of the regular achievements though can be unlocked by simply completing the map-specific goals, which in turn unlock different kind of weapons and equipments, but usually only after you would have actually needed them, but this also encourages replaying earlier missions with now adequate equipment.
As the number of weapon and equipment slots are limited, it's useful to have a diverse arsenal allocated to different members of our team, covering all the possible threats. So although technically it isn't impossible to play through the game solo (well, a SWAT-team of one looks just odd, doesn't it?), co-operativity is written all over it, and even the tutorial/training level is designed with four players in mind. At least one buddy(cop) is a must, especially when the screen gets crowded with a number of opponents, and sharing, delegating and communicating the neccessary tasks helps a lot in properly dealing with everyone and every threat.
I was fortunate enough to team up with a friend of mine for this, we had a blast playing it, we're looking forward to see more of this game and more from this studio. Not gun-blazing is obviously a niche, but for those interested in it, I'm happily issuing the Recommended badge, especially considering it's friendly price-tag.

Review from Steam

It's a SWAT game but it's OVERHEAD
If you've played and liked/LOVED the old SWAT games this game is FOR YOU
The gameplay is PHENOMENAL and is easy to pick up. The game is DIFFICULT, just like the old SWAT games, but it's especially FUN with FRIENDS. if you don't have friends you can play SOLO/LONE wolf but it's quite difficult. The game is HEAVILY FOR CO-OP, but it is possible to play SOLO(No bots though unlike the OLD SWAT games).
There are BIG DIFFERENCES that makes the HOT BRASS that makes it more "UPDATED" and "SMOOTHER" than the OLD SWAT GAMES:
Arresting suspects and Civilians made easier - pressing a button instantly gets you to restraining immediately
Determining if the Suspect is COMPLYING - the colors of the icons allows for easy decision making
Destructible walls - Using a Breach charge you can break ANY WALL, or shoot the wall to make holes
As awesome as that is, there's a few CONS:
Singleplayer is quite difficult - Seriously it's not EASY to clear an entire building BY YOURSELF
No friends to play with - Solo it is...
Police brutality is a NO NO - you can't taze people unless they're "STUBBORN" or "HOSTILE"
The game is GREAT, but you're gonna need friends if you want the full experience, or play solo it's harder but still good.

Review from Steam

Good game for Co-op.

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