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Horrors of Space

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Horrors of Space is a 4-player co-op survival horror game. You and 3 other crew members awaken from cryo sleep to find the Aries in a state of emergency, invaded by an alien creature. It’s up to you and your teammates to work together to get out alive.

Your goal is to safely get off the spaceship without falling prey to the AI controlled alien creature, which has dynamic behaviors and reactions to its surroundings.

Your escape plan: search the ship for the key cards you need to access the locked areas and then hack the workstations to reroute power to the escape pods. On top of that, the ship has been damaged so you might have to make unexpected repairs at any moment.

There is more than one way of hacking the workstations: You can brute-force your way in and hack them or you can find the passwords somewhere on the ship.

Exploring the ship will also be useful for finding items you can later use to defend yourself and your fellow crew members against the alien creature. Some of these items can be used as they come, while others need to be combined to craft tools, weapons and other useful devices.

Items are randomly scattered about the ship and the passwords are different every time you play, so each game is unique.

Each crew member has unique skills and one item that only they can use, so choose wisely and combine your strengths to survive.

Key features

  • Over 800,000 square feet of explorable spaceship.

  • AI controlled alien creature with dynamic behaviors and reactions.

  • Every game is unique: passwords, clues and items are generated randomly at the beginning of every new game.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is playable on PC or VR.
I experienced this game in VR on my Valve Index, the game was built using a Quest 2.
I have played solo and co-op with the developer. I found the sounds and visuals very atmospheric. The small things like the steam effects through the grates on the floor and the flickering of the lights on the ceiling that make this game extremely immersive.
Your mission is to find the key-cards to get into different sections of the ship, hack the allotted amount of computers & reach the escape pods. Oh I almost forgot to mention... there is a huge Alien Monster that is hunting you down the whole time!
You need to use your tablet, stealth and character abilities in order to survive. Currently there are 6 characters to choose from and they all have their own special abilities, XP is needed to level characters up. Abilities vary from a predator like invisibility cloak which looks awesome, to night vision and seeing through walls (just make sure that you have plenty of batteries). You can also scavenge & craft items like med-kits, molotovs etc.
Expect jump scares, crapping your pants while running and of course dying. When you die you can watch and guide your friends via CCTV & a map with all of the key-card locations revealed.
This game is so much fun alone or with others. It reminds me of Alien Isolation VR mod but it is multiplayer (up to 4 players for co-op) and built from the ground up for VR.
There is a lot of content for the asking price, get the game and round up some friends for hours and hours of scares & laughs!
Online co-op game-play with the developer:
Developer interview:

Review from Steam

Update #2 02 Oct 22:
- I am now convinced there is too much light flickering going on in this game. I might actually pay for DLC for the ability to fix the lighting system on the ship.
I would go as far as to have a panel available in each section of the ship to turn lights off /on for it.
- It seems whenever the monster gets close enough to you, you are automatically dead. If the monster grabs you, I understand dying. But when the monster isn't in your face (but close), and you turn your invisibility cloak on, you're still dead.
Another time I tried activating a flash bang right before the monster got to me. It would have been cool if it had gone off and allowed me to escape.
- So far I have been playing single-player exclusively, and the biggest hassle has been that once getting a keycard, finding the right door can be a real pain (unless you choose the right character).
Having a pan capability on the limited map screen you have on your hand would be useful.
- It was nice to discover that you didn't always have to hide in a locker to get away form the monster. Maybe it was dumb luck, but ducking behind crates seemed to help.
- In the single player mode, I have yet to get to a computer console. Seems like all of the consoles are locked behind doors you need keys for. What a shame I getting killed while trying to find the right door.
- On some beds/tables, the items seem too far back to reach for them with just my hand. I literally had to bend at the waist to be able reach and grab.
NOTE: One time today, I tried messing with the customized controls, but wound up changing nothing. It may have been sheer coincidence, but upon getting back into the game, my controls flipped-flopped between hands for opening doors, and could not get back to the main menu. I hard quit the game, and each attempt thereafter resulted in the game never starting, and my monitor displayed was frozen on a black screen.
I had to pull the plug on the computer to get my monitor back. I deleted and re-installed the game, and so far everything is working okay.
UPDATE #1 01 Oct 22:
-Once going into the Single Player, if I die and select 'Try Again', I get taken to some sealed-off Map Room to where I can view all available cameras, but I can't seem to get out of that room, forcing me to quit the current game and start a new one.
-I tried some different characters. The one with the gun is okay, but using the Valve Index grip to withdraw and store the gun often makes me store the gun by accident (this issue would be much less of a problem with the Oculus controllers. The one with the Night Vision also has Thermal Vision, as I can see the creature anywhere within the facility (although using that also drains your battery).
- It seems like not all door keys fit all doors. Bad assumption on my part.
- I begin to wonder if I play long enough, will I become so familiar with the ship layout, that the game will become easy.
The game still has a certain charm to make me come back, and reminds me somewhat of another VR game called the Persistence.
Played on a i7-8700, 16GB RAM, GTX1070Ti with a Valve Index (90Hz refresh). Observations are as follows:
- Not playable with Index controllers. Fortunately, a kind soul posted a community setting for this. Aside from being able to not switch from snap to smooth turning in this community setting, all else is decent.
Having a native Index Controller option is needed.
- Some level of controller customization would be nice. For example, other VR games may use 'left joystick click' to run, but in this game it is the left grip. Not bad, just different.
- I can't clearly recall, but I think I had a Custom graphic setting enabled by default, but after screwing with it (i.e., seeing what it looked like on Low, Medium, etc), the 'Custom' option seemed to disappear completely.
- I played while standing (right now I jacked my back a little, so it is less painful to stand), and aside from finding the initial door card in the tuitorial, all was pretty good.
- One time in playing the tutorial, after getting killed, hitting the 'Try Agan' button had me falling through the floor,for which I had to restart the game.
Another time,the alien was stuck in the floor, but I completed the tutorial.
- The alien itself is not particularly interesting to look at. It wasn't horrible, but its light colored skin almost makes it stand out, whereas I was expecting something that blended decently with the darkness.
- The sound for the footsteps sounds so artifical it is almost distracting, and it's always the same whether I'm crawling, walking or running.
- The overall ship design seems too large (e.g., big rooms, big corridors). While this is not necessarily bad, one of the highlights for the Alien: Isolation VR-modded game was that there were small areas, as well as big areas; the small areas gave the right feel of claustrophobia that if you were caught, you felt trapped. It could be I haven't gotten to the smaller-scale rooms in this game yet.
-This game begs comparison to the Alien: Isolation VR mod, and overall this game makes a valiant effort in providing an alternative to A:I VR. I'll need to spend more time with it, but I guess the important take-away is that I see/feel something that makes me want to try it again.

Review from Steam

So I got this game being like "Oh look a Alien isolation rip off with mass effect dollar store characters" but honestly it's not that. I never got to try VR or with a group so maybe that is were my review differs"
- The hacking game is fun and balances going to find the key vs risk of hacking
- It ran surprisingly easy
- The radar map item actually feels useful unlike some games where it is kinda more gimicky
- Definitely need a multiplayer aspect to succeed and do terminals
- The tutorial isn't that great
- The crafting aspect needs so twerks as it dosn't run the best.
It's far from perfect but it isn't bad. I give it 6/10 lockers to hide in.

Review from Steam

Firstly, i would just like to say how amazing this game is, despite there being a decent population of bugs, which is normal for a developer's first indie game, in my opinion this game was well thought out and planned, a lot of people are posting bad reviews on this page about how "trash" and "worthless" the game is, but its just hilarious to see how many people bash on developers for high expectations especially when its their first game, give the developer some respect, they took their own time and put it into a game you didn't have to play but you did anyway, good criticism is amazing but when you're bashing on a developer in a steam review it just shows how toxic you are in the gaming community, the game is 15USD which is nothing literally nothing so stop complaining about small bugs, its going to have bugs its an early access game that was made by 1 solo indie dev, grow up and give out good criticism instead of hate, imma quote someone below who really annoyed me in the reviews section because of how toxic it was.
I've played a lot of terrible games in my day but boy howdy this one takes the cake. The alien has the ability to grab (which is an instant kill) you from across the room while it's doing other things and also stunned. The servers are the laggiest piece of trash I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing, and the gameplay is so repetitive that once you've played the tutorial you've already experienced everything there is. I recommend every prospective developer play this game and take it as a lesson in what not to do.
End of the day is, come try this game and if you don't like it, the developer has their own discord, you can discuss any bugs on their bugs channel, don't give hate to a developer because of something that happens in every game, there isn't any reason to give the game a bad reputation.

Review from Steam

Horrors of Space is a sci-fi space horror survival game, just in time for Halloween. You can experience this scare alone or with 3 friends. Quick sum of the games plot. You and your 3 mates awaken out of cryo sleep to find out your ship is in a state of emergency. A blood thirsty alien creature has gotten aboard your ship. Now you and your mates must complete tasks to escape from the ship. You will have to work together as a team to get off the ship. The alien can not be killed. Your options are run, hide, and distract it and slow it down a bit. Its a thriller, trying to stay away from the alien creature.
Now the game can be played in single player, where you are alone on the ship with the alien. Then there is co-op, where three friends will join you on the ship and help complete tasks to get to the escape pods. Either way you play it, you will feel the terror of the alien cashing you.
There are six different characters to pick from. Each character has a special ability's to help with survival aboard the spaceship. Not only does each character have their own ability's, but you also build XP for leveling stats of each character. Every run you do on the ship will earn you XP points and credits to unlock and level attributes for each character. Even if you die, it was not for nothing. This adds for a good grind to build your characters to the specs you want them.
The game also has a crafting system. You will find and collect items on the ship to make some devices to help slow the alien down. Along with items to craft with you will also have to hunt down key cards as well.
The VR world feels great. The sounds, light and shadow effects and level design will draw you into this space thriller. The sounds of the alien will send shivers down your spine, as you run and look for somewhere to hide. I only had a chance to play single player, which is hard even on the easy option. I had a blast though playing cat and mouse with our alien friend. The chase feels amazing. Some of the doors take a few seconds to scan your hand or key card to open. This seconds are intense when you are being chased.
This is a VR game that will give you a rush.
The game has to be played seated, and does not like any sort of room scaling. This I found hard because I love to move around in VR games. The other gripe I had with the game was how you select items from your inventory. You select items by pushing up and or down on the right thumb stick. Problem is, when you are being chased and trying to turn and run for your life, you will start selecting items at the same time. Now you have something in your hand and can not open that locker or door fast. Died a few times because of this.
Over all, I enjoyed this horror title, and will be playing it to level up my characters and feel the thrill of the chase. If you love horror, space sci-fi you will want to pick this up for sure. If you are looking for a fun survival game of cat and mouse, where you can customize and level your characters, this game is great. Single player or with friends, you will have fun.
Watch my preview here;

Review from Steam

Played with a group of 3 others with VOIP.
Game concept is excellent and look forward to updates.
While still Early access it is decently solid, there are definitely things I have some gripes about.
-- The amount of flashing lights is completely absurd. That epilepsy warning at the beginning doesnt do justice just how much flashing there is. I'm pretty sure I actually started developing epilepsy.
-- I understand the creature smells you and senses you in the area, but it shouldnt be waiting in the same room or the next room for 10 minutes waiting for a different party member to distract it. (RIP if you are last one standing)
-- Even on EASY difficulty creature killed all 4 of us in the 4 games we played because of puppy guarding rooms. Definitely would recommend updating creatures travel paths.
Other than those main points I dont really have too much bad to say. I think this game is going to be worth the intial $15 when its in full release.

Review from Steam

Great game. Doesnt deserve its bad ratings. And a lot of negative reviews ive seen have misunderstandings that are implemented but may not have been clear on how they work. Which is unfortunate. Some invisibility, Hacking and, AI issues are from people who havent played played for more than 10 minutes? I love this game. Had the same issues a lot of people did at first but took the time to understand the game. I really want to support this developer and look forward to future updates. I can tell you its not a perfect game but small developer team and early access its a good enough concept and application to keep my friends and I busy and happy. Only upward from here. Please keep up the good work.

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