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About the GameJoin our Community here Minimalist, Relaxing and Cozy...... game that allows you to build large settlements in no time!Plan Strategically...... to get high prosperity points, allowing you to scale the settlement further.Let your creativity loose...... in a grid-less procedurally generated world and spend a chill evening building something that pleases your mind.

If you are considering downloading Home Wind, is important to know that the game does not have the deep systems or mechanics that you might expect from a classic RTS or city-builder.

Home Wind aims to simply make your spare time more pleasant and relaxing. Just sit somewhere comfy and create your home settlement 🧡🧡🧡
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A casual and very relaxing experience
It would be interesting to have an endless mode (like the sandbox mode but with score and no game over)

Review from Steam

Homewind is a very Chill and very cozy little City Builder. Challenging levels including a Sandbox. Its definitely worth your time!

Review from Steam

Cool game, though 20 USD for the biggest sandbox map unlock is a bit too much imo. It also needs a mode to play on randomly generated map like in sandbox mode but with gameplay from missions but maybe with randomly generated unlockable buildings you get to place for every level (something like in Dorfromantik)

Review from Steam

My gameplay video of premium plus free levels:
I absolutely adore this game!
The art is amazing, all buildings have variations that actually affect your tactics.
It's super relaxing, no timelimit and endless retries, but not too simple, you won't get all the levels in 1 go.
Sound design is very good, each building has it's own sound too.
The premium levels are absolutely huge compared to the free levels and certainly worth the 5 dollars if you enjoy the game.
The bigger levels play very differently than the tiny ones and you also get multiple city centres, plus many more types of buildings.
This is a game I like to play when it's late, I'm tired, and I just want to sit back and relax.

Review from Steam

It's extremely similar to Islanders except:
The levels are premade rather than random
and FREE.
Looks and plays well.

Review from Steam

I like the game, it is something new and cool. I love the graphic design. It is fun, but i wish we could have more diferent items, like other types of house, buildings, fabrics, mills, briges.. and like evolution to modern buildings, imagine even futuristic things. Like u could evolve to different eras. To be honest i enjoyed a lot. It is cute game. It is very challenging. You need to think how to build if u want to win. You need to calculate where to put the buildings or u will fail. Nice game!!! Relaxing

Review from Steam

This game IS NOT CHILL
This game is like an abusive mother, who lures you in with a false calm demeanor. When you finally manage to get a pixel perfect placement in order to get that exact amount of points you need to progress, and you are feeling happy that YOU have achieved what she expected of you, she slaps you with 3 individual buildings, and tells you:
"My boy, with this House, this Mine and this Granary, you better give me 300 gold coins, or else get the f*ck out of here you miserable unwanted child."
This game preys upon your poor planning abilities. Because that lumberjack shed you placed several tiers ago, is now in the way of you placing a church for that PHAT STAC of 200 coins you need to complete the level. This makes me look back at my life; "How did I ended up here?", "Why am I a gamer?", "Why haven't I replaced the toilet paper in the bathroom, and have force myself to use napkins instead?"
I had to abuse goats and ostriches, even cows and sheep too. And NO! I'm not ashamed. I did what I had to survive. I didn't do it because I wanted too, this game made me do it...
Anyway, this is a very cool little game, and hey 100 levels are free, so there is no monetary downside on playing it. Funny enough this is the most engaging game that simultaneously makes me not want to pay to open up more of its content, for I dread whatever torture dungeon awaits behind the locked gates of "Premium Levels".
Definitely a recommend :^)

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