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Holy Purge

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HOLY PURGE is a co-op horror survival game for up to 3 players.

Play as Holy Priests in this online co-op experience where you must work together to exorcise the evil plague befalling a medieval village.HOLY BRETHRENExplore an open world medieval village plagued by evil.

Collect ritual items to reverse a witch spell.

WEREWOLVES AND DEMONSDefend yourselves using holy crosses, silver, and fire torches.

Work together with your fellow brethren and overcome an ancient evil spirit.

CLEANSE THE VILLAGEComplete the ritual and cleanse the village plagued by evil.


Doors, ritual Items and collectibles are randomized.DIFFICULTY The darkness rages and increases with speed as the game progresses, so does the beasts of the forest who try to stop you.MULTI-PLAYER FEATURES Make use of our in-game positional voice chat. Bring friends, or find other players using the server browser.SINGLE PLAYERFor hardcore players only. Do it all by yourself. For those who possess the strongest of faith, and therefor the ability to take on the evil alone.WARNINGThis game contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Player discretion is advised.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

While a bit short and a bit buggy here and there, you can a have a good time with 2 of your friends.
If you're stuck and need a little help here is a quick cheatsheet:
1. Find key to the cave
2. Find 4 lantern to light the cave
3. Catch 8 chickens for the ritual
4. Get Key for the Windmill
5. Craft 8 Jacko's and 8 candles
6. Get the 8 silver cross and bring them to gate of the church
7. Get the 3 Wooden cross and Torches and place them in front of the cursed houses and burn the hay
8. Shoot the Ghost until he explodes

Review from Steam

Game seems quite fun, but co-op is busted entirely for my friend. He died and I revived him, after which he could not interact with anything, open inventory, etc. Then, in the following game, opening and closing his inventory made it so he couldn't move at all.
Cannot recommend for co-op.

Review from Steam

this game might be a bitcoin miner my PC was literally dying, my PC started speaking to me in clicks because how bad this game runs. It was fun because i played with friends. Hidden feature if you leave the multiplayer and rejoin you can play with infinite players very good. We played the first map got stuck couldn't get further after the 3rd candle so we decided to play the other map much better but much worse because it was playable i might have to be honest and tell you i didn't do shit after i died i got my health potion and me and big tower were playing like it was assassins creed jumping house to house see whoever could get on the hardest house while our teammate was complaining about us not doing shit which i understand we didn't do shit but yeah also there is a great feature where your game freezes every time a werewolf spams which is roughly 5 seconds max the grim also will cloud you in his toxins which straight 1 tap u after that u become crippled and walk slower than Joe Biden great would play again if there are more maps would recommend to people i don't like.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Very good game. Would recommend. Scari

Review from Steam

super fun game cannot wait to see future up[dates

Review from Steam

Actually i dont understand the mixed reviews, this game is fun to play with friends in bible camp. It runs perfectly on Windows XP.

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