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Hill Quest

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This is a new game franchise and it’s here to stay! Enjoy it from the very first chapter of many universes! Make your way through a series of maps, occasionally swimming or using a jetpack for entire levels. Truly Amazing story with many great plot twists, lot of amazing info of about the universe given by NPC and great music. *DLCs Will be delivered soon after launch in all platforms planned. A purchase get 1-Game 1-Comic 1-MiniFilm. This our format, each of our games gives this, they are not different products. The game features all the classic elements of the genre: run and jump through moving platforms and other hazards as you defeat enemies and search for keys. Hill Quest is the first game using #GoodGuysGameDevelopers philosophy which means: No DLC at cost, no season pass, no preorders, no in-app purchases, no deluxe editions, just pay for the game ONCE. Every day more and more devs are turning into the money grabbing schemes, not to mention charging people for unfinished products. If the users don’t do something and some devs stay clean and make movements like this, you will end up paying from 2 to 3 times more for your triple A games and even indies will fall into this. We do love to make games, we won’t stop anytime soon, but with your help this will give a big fat message to the industry, and help us to stand our ground for a long time giving you Triple A titles with Indie Soul and good Game Dev practices.

About the GameHill Quest is a new game franchise, a platformer with sci-fi elements. Play as a young girl who is going her father, a scientist who has been kidnapped. Se soon realize that everything she believed is not the way she thought it was, and that the earth is just one more place.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Awesome soundtrack!
Game itself doesn't match up with the steam page as much
I expected a bad game and got a pretty good one.
There are still bugs that needs some fixing but it has potential :)

Review from Steam

At the beginning it was a little difficult, to pass the part of the walls with saws, but later I found the trick. And if it was easy, it would not be fun.
When passing level, increase the powers (that's good), but also increase the traps and the difficulty of them (I didn't like that). In the end, all that makes this game a unique and addictive experience.

Review from Steam

Fun game, great soundtrack, interesting story, nice graphics, and a philosophy that its calling out an honest game development model, good.

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