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Hexterio is a simple puzzle game with a relaxing atmosphere - with simple rules and mechanics, yet interesting puzzles.

The game consists of 5 different modes with 12 puzzles each, with each mode having a different element or rule to it.

All the modes require the player to reach a certain "Final Tile" of the level, but the methods or requirements to fulfill before reaching there, vary.

A brief description of the modes is as follows:

Traverse all tiles - Player must visit each tile before reaching the Final tile.

Destroy all tiles - Player must destroy all other tiles before reaching the Final tile.

Sum it up - Tiles in this mode carry certain value on each of its front and back faces. The player is required to accumulate the exact value required at the Final Tile.

Rotating tiles - Tiles in this mode rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, changing their accessible neighbors in the process, adding another layer of difficulty to the puzzle.

Grouped tiles - Certain tiles in this mode will be grouped together. Grouped tiles flip and rotate together. The player will have to carve a way to the final tile using this behavior.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

it actually is quite soothing. puzzles are good, although most of them are either too easy or to difficult. only a handful of "in-between" ones, but can't complain for a free game

Review from Steam

Hexterio is a simple tile-based traversal puzzle game, where you need to satisfy certain conditions by moving from tile to time. It's free, so see if you like it. 5/10

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

It's very simple and you would probably like it if you have lots of free time. Don't play it as a main game more like a stress releaser. 6.7/10

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