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What is Gunpowder?

Play as Incendio, our hero, armed with your wits and a keg of gunpowder to liberate the town peoples' gold from the evil Boss Grimshaw in this explosive physics puzzle game!

150 levels of puzzles and mind-bending mayhem await as you blaze a gunpowder trail across the Wild West. Save the day using flaming wagons, Gatling guns, chandeliers, cannons, mine carts, and more! Burn your way through each puzzle and crack the safe with a cleverly placed powder keg or chain reactions of glorious explosions!

Blow up all of Boss Grimshaw's piggy banks and race the clock to compete with friends as you work your way toward freeing the people's money from his greedy paws. But don't underestimate Grimshaw's trickery. He isn't going to make this easy!

See the story unfold through 5 chapters, told through vibrant cartoon style pieces done by original Earthworm Jim animator Mike Dietz at Pencil Test Studios!

Key Features

  • 150 Levels

  • 5 Chapters + 1 Bonus "Lost Levels" Chapter

  • Support for Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Trading Cards, and Cloud Save

  • Simple click and drag mechanics with deep, interesting challenges to solve!

  • Wonderfully animated cartoon style characters

  • Oh-so-rewarding explosions at every turn


Updated July 25, 2015

  • Game will now default to highest quality settings instead of lowest

  • (Note if you already have run the game, it saves the low setting so you need to change it in the options menu even after updating)

  • Fixed so that the game respects Steam language over OS language

  • Fixed a few localization issues
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

(Full review follows below)
Game Name: Gunpowder
Original Release: 2015
Genre Tags: 2D; Puzzle; Mobile-Era Puzzle; Casual; Lighthearted
My Overall Grade: A-
Estimated Playtime (Campaign): 5-10 hours
Multiplayer Aspect: None
Recommended To: Established fans of the genre; Those intrigued by the genre; Puzzle game aficionados; Casual gamers

Gunpowder is a casual, two-dimensional puzzle game with a large amount of short levels, a 3-star system, and leaderboards. It is cut from the same cloth as games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and the many other mobile-era puzzle games out there. Nevertheless, Gunpowder does have its own independent identity. The gameplay is a perfect mix of planning and playing that combines well with the theme of the game to create a unique and charming experience.
It is a very simplistic game, so if you are seeking something with depth or immersion: this isn’t it. But if you enjoy playing casual puzzle games of this style, then Gunpowder is probably going to be a good bet for you.
As I alluded to, the mixture of planning and action/reaction that is inherent in the puzzle-solving creates some really enjoyable gameplay. It will make you think a bit, but manages to not get overly confusing. That synthesizes brilliantly with the jovial, lighthearted theme of the game to make the whole experience unequivocally pleasurable. It is the perfect game to put a smile on your face in those moments you are just looking to kick-back and relax.
There are a lot of levels (150+), but they are pretty short and easy to solve; although some of the later levels are decently challenging. For all levels, once you find the solution there isn’t much reason to try again for the average gamer, unless you are someone who relishes in the opportunity to compete on the leaderboards. I was satisfied with the amount of content, but you will have to make your own assessment on that front.
So, while I understand not everyone is a fan of this genre, I posit that anyone who is a fan should have an easy time enjoying Gunpowder. There was a good job done by the developers in creating a unique identity for the game, and it is one of the more entertaining examples of the genre.
Follow my curation page to see more of my recommendations!

Review from Steam

Quite a fun game. Although it is called a puzzle game, prepare to solve the puzzles in short time, since some puzzles require you to change your layout after you've lit the fuse. Your score also depends on how fast you solve a puzzle. If you want to get into the top players list, figure out your solution and then show your mouse skills.
Concerning mouse skills: This game would definitely great on a touch screen, since painting with a mouse is usually not ideal.
So far, I've seen puzzle games that are much more difficult, but I've only played about 40% of the game and the level is rising.

Review from Steam

Not sure if it's the best, but very good amounts of *bang* for your buck.
Jokes aside the game is solid, plays well, is pretty varied - I felt a bit tired of it around the end so only played a few levels each time. But considering it has 5+1 chapters, each with 25 levels, the player definitely needs some breaks on the go.
If you like what you see in the trailer - that's the game. Some levels require a certain level of precision in execution and/or timing, but it's never overbearing. The site HowLongToBeat lists the game as a 14.5 hour long one, for the low price of 2 $/€ it's an outstanding puzzle game, with fire and explosions!

Review from Steam

Casual puzzle game with aesthetics straight out of your favorite western cartoons. Evil Boss Grimshaw has taken more then his fair share of the towns folks money. Playing the role Incendio you have one simple goal, draw a line of gunpowder through all the explosive barrels and while making you way toward the stolen loot. Perhaps claiming some fame and glory along the way.
Levels start off simple but quickly increased in difficulty requiring you to take down entire walls, chain reactions that split into multiple paths, launch cannons on to moving river rafts and just time more explosions in general. Best scores come from taking out all the extra piggy banks which were often in more obscure locations that require careful planning. Puzzle fans who are perfectionists should find a rather addictive game and with the inclusion of a global high score board it certainly keeps you hitting the replay level button to refine skills. If not bothered can progress the story just by clearing the end safe.
While it's past history as a mobile game is rather obvious, it's far from being a terrible port. Gamepad support isn't provided given the drawing nature of the game but I had no issues with mouse control or menu navigation. Overall enjoyed Gunpowder enough to complete it as I have the spare time. Cheers folks. :)
Addictive simple gameplay
Domino-esque explosions
Okay music but a little repetitive
Price could be lower but did provide adequate challenge.
Gametime isn't logged correctly since I play offline.
Publisher provided a steam code. Never changes my thoughts.

Review from Steam

Good, fun, little game. Clean presentation and smart levels make it an easy recommendation. The game doesn't strike me as being particularly long but I haven't beaten it yet nor do I feel like I'm all that close. The music could use some additional variance but what is there is pleasant and didn't irritate me. It's an all around solid package for the asking price (sub-$10).
I streamed this game for a couple of hours and had a couple of folks watching. I think the best indication of this game's quality is the fact that I said "alright, this is the last level" multiple times just because I couldn't stop going for one more level.

Review from Steam

Lets be honest, Im not huge fan of puzzle games, especially if there is time to beat.
But this I loved from first level, animations are great, and what will make you repeat levels at least once is crazly worldwide leaderbord.
You can try and try, and always ask yourself, how the fu?k did that or those guys finish it faster :D
Lots of levels, and if you go try chasing highscores you will have yourself many hours behind this game.
Love cartoons, puzzle and challenges ? Look no further, this is a game for you.

Review from Steam

I bought this on a whim not expecting it to do anything more than help fill some spare time, and the game turned out to be an excellent way to fill that time. The first few levels teach you how to play, without obviously being a tutorial or babying you along. It is extremely gratifying to complete the puzzles; blowing up piggy banks and a safe is a lot of fun. Each level has a time limit which is often challenging, and this adds to replayability. It's easy to get hooked and play level after level.
The music is upbeat and tuneful, this is one of the few games where I haven't bothered to mute the soundtrack.
Finally, the game is polished and free of bugs and I highly recommend it.

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