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Velvet, a senior citizen and retired electrician, is on a guided bus tour far out in the wilderness with his wife Jo. Coming across an old abandoned village, the guide decides to go off the planned schedule and take the group for a short improvised exploration. Velvet, who chose to stay behind for a nap, wakes up alone several hours later in the dark bus. Equipped only with a tranquilizer gun he enters the village, determined to find his wife.

Guidance is a survival horror game where you:

  • Talk to spirits through possessed sightseers

  • Keep the angry ones in check with your tranquilizer gun

  • Explore a vast, abandoned village , meticulously composed in great detail

  • Follow the story and learn the village's past through conversations and visuals

  • Play at your own pace. Guidance has no jumpscares, the emphasis is on atmosphere and building tension

Guidance is the new horror game from one-person studio Stroboskop, developer of the indie horror classics Sylvio and Sylvio 2. The game is early in development, and will be released when it is finished.
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