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Lost wallets, blurry vision, flipped trash cans...Ah, you Groggers! Do you ever stop drinking?!

You must help them get home and save innocent lives! They are dangerous to the public!

Watch out for traffic! Everyone in Groggerland is a little bit tipsy! :o)

Groggers is a physics-based action arcade game. You must help your Grogger make it home safely.

Some of the bottles will you help you out, others might hurt.

Get your Grogger home as fast as you can to get a better score and unlock additional zones and new characters.


Groggers also like company! But can you imagine two Groggers on the road?! It could be disastrous!

Can you get them both safely home?

Game is ready for Xbox and Steam controllers!

VERSION 1.1.1 (Jan 2017)
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I really like this game and the whole drunk concept. Good cute graphics and i love the sound track. Really fits the game. Think of a drunken frogger like game. Needs just a few little tweaks here and there and it will be perfect. Game hung up a few times after playing it for awhile but nothing major. I would like to see some holiday dlcs for this game. Halloween, Christmas etc. How about a drunk Dracula and Santa? Haha and a few drunks sitting outside the pub just for fun. Also you really need a controller for this game. Its not happening with a keyboard. Anyways i hope the Devs keep working on this game. Its a lot of fun and i plan on playing it a lot more this weekend!! :)

Review from Steam

Groggers is somewhere in the vicinity of drunken hillbilly Frogger, except Frogger was a lot easier to control than than this. The core gameplay loop involves maneuvering your shambling character around various moving obstacles to reach the end of the level. I personally find this gameplay somewhat frustrating, you have to anticipate threats well in advance to successfully steer around them and while it's an intended effect of the drunkenness, you character moves slowly and isn't terribly responsive to control. It's not particularly polished, the lack of any sound on the menu screens is a bit jarring and I had to exit the game at one point because it had completely bugged out, but everything works. Not bad, doesn't really appeal to me but I can see an audience for this. If you want to give it a try, you should be able to get a good idea of what this game is like before the refund period expires.

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