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Grey Heritage: Faded Vision

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In Grey Heritage: Faded Vision, we will be taking a close look at the land of Astrea, a beautiful land filled with knights and nobles. However, Astrea has been war-stricken for decades. The people of Astrea had lost all hope in having a competent king lead them towards a brighter future.

However, King Edward Estore, the puppet king of Astrea and prodigy grandson of Emperor Augustus Estore, rose up to this challenge. A man with grand ambition for the future of Calista, are guiding the people despite being a foreigner to Astrea. The people must choose between following their new king towards his ambition or face the mighty dragons of the Estore Empire.

Leon Beaumont, the son of King Beaumont and Exiled Prince of Astrea, wish to put an end to the Estore Empire's tyranny upon his land. Prince Leon finally rise the banner once more, to put an end to a long lost friend.


  • Fight through hand-crafted scenarios across 14 chapters with all unique objectives and map design.

  • Play as 11 playable units with all unique skills, classes and abilities on the battlefield.

  • Use terrain to your advantage in this turn-based tactical RPG.

  • You are not alone! AI controlled allies will help you turn the tide of war.

  • Give your soldiers experience and stat boosting items so they can shine in JRPG combat.

  • Every soldier is key to completing the objective.

  • Inventory Management is paramount towards victory.


  • No Permadeath so you won't lose progress on your soldiers.

  • A narrative driven love-letter to RPG fans.

  • An emphasis on indoor and outdoor combat.

  • The ability to save at checkpoints to undo any mistakes you've made.

  • A story focus ~10 hour experience for busy adults who love RPG.
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