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Grand Ages: Medieval

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Grand Ages: Medieval is a real-time strategy game. Lead your people and advance through the decades by utilizing construction, research, expansion and conquest. Rise from the role of a simple mayor governing a small settlement and rule over all of Europe. Experience an exciting campaign, play by your own rules in free play or test your skills in multiplayer against up to 8 players!
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Review by Anonymous

Grand Age : Medieval is a bit repetitive and requires a lot of micro management in the long run like most of good RTS nowadays. It's awesome features of economic that needs knowledge about supply and demand, a unique military style unit system, and organically town development characteristics when being zoomed in is one of a kind. Although, it's a bit boring at the mid and end game of the campaign, because lack of more things to do. A good overhaul update may bring this game into top. For example they could add a seasonal weather that affects resources output and prices, trade wagon speed, and positive and negative events.

Review from Steam

Multiplayer is good.

Review from Steam

Looks on it like new Patrician or Rise of Venice. But instead of your business you control towns and kingdom.
And stop writing about Civilization or smth like that.

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