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Golem Gates

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Golem Gates is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi blend of action-strategy and card battler, pitting your conjured armies against otherworldly forces. Choose from 100 cards (known as Glyphs) and unleash diverse units, buildings, buffs, and more in tactical combat across single player, co-op, and multiplayer. An ancient threat surges from the Golem Gates, and only the Harbinger stands guard. Wielding the nanite-infused power of The Ash, you must protect a world ravaged by ancient wars.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Battle forge but darker. You basically command Sauron which summons space marines and casts fireballs while command & conquer.

Review from Steam

An unusual twist on CCG and tactical real time strategy - Golem Gates is a jewel that you probably missed. Strudy tactical placement of cards, a good variety of units and pretty decent graphics, AI who can give challenge and some portion of multiplayer matches can give you some good times for several days and nights. Highly recommended this small gem.

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