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The game introduces new elements such as “Status Effects”, “Hate Elements”, “Decoys”, and “Summoning Beasts” into this traditional Tactical RPG. It adds both fun and attraction while inheriting the lineage of classical Tactical RPG making this a truly advanced and ultimate edition of Tactical and Strategy RPGs. Players can now enjoy the main scenario, “The Future Past” and additional challenging stages, “Labyrinth of Yomi” and “The Deep Levels” in this game. “Labyrinth of Yomi” is an intermediate level stage where players are required to fully develop their characters “Jobs” to clear the stage. New challenges for advanced players awaits at the last stage, “The Deep Levels” where players will need to configure and determine optimal formations from the character’s exclusive job and exclusive skills as well as coming up with effective strategical tactics. The heroine “Kaguya” controlling her destiny by her own will and her friends who join along the path on this journey establishes the legendary ancient kingdom of “Yamataikoku” by overcoming various obstacles and challenges. Among the friends and other characters who will come across in this adventure are 25 including “Momotaro”, “Urashima”, "Okuninushi", “Sakuya”, a motif of “Konohanasakuyahime”, and “Iwanaga” who are all legendary heroes of myths and fairy tales representing ancient Japan.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Playing the patience game
+ Large gameplay. (+100h)
+ Enormous role variety.
- One-way road campaign.
- Awful AI.
Every stage is unique, meaning that you will only be able to work the campaign from them once. Now, a little bit more ahead in the game, there are some quests that will enable the character to visit some old scenarios and get to work for some rewards.
The first battle stages will show how the main skills and basic elements of the genre works. I really appreciate that since I'm not an expert when it comes to tactical RPG battles.
Sometimes, I had to fight with a very reduced number of allies, and when it comes to bosses, all the main characters will take part in it. The problem is that that character that arrived later, will be under any ally or enemy level, meaning that they will be very weak, so it's important to make them part of the formation so they can level up too. For example, I already leveled up three main characters to level 99, meanwhile, other characters are still in the 60-70s. Anyway, the enemies level at the end of the game won't be higher than 70, so it wouldn't be a real problem.
Cutscenes can be skipped. I'm not into skipping those, but I got stuck with the same enemy more than once, so this helps. If you skip any cutscenes by accident, there is nothing to worry about; every chapter will be closed with a quick manga-styled resume of the doings there.
There is an option to speed up the combat, but instead of "speeding" it, you can skip skill animations to get some time back. I wish that this part was modified for good since it makes some movements invisible and weird looking. About the controls: unless you map your controls, you will have a hard time playing the game with one of those.
Pretty simple graphics, with no obvious option to upgrade or downgrade to the consumer taste and very repetitive since the only change is the type of environment. This is because of all the war zones being similar, with nothing that highlights them.
Now, the performance is very good. The game will hardly consume more than 300 Mb of RAM.
Sadly, all the difficulty came to an end when I mastered a few skills, highlighting one of them, a skill that heals any ally to 100%, with not a high MP cost and another that causes death to almost every enemy.
AI combat takes out all the fun of the game.
There is an option that can be enabled that will make the allies fight automatically in different styles that are a mix of aggressive, passive and peaceful(support type) however, I don't recommend it at all.
I tried AI for a few battles, and it was a complete waste of time. Characters take three times longer to finish enemies (if they don't get finished first)... managing to reach 45 turns before ending with my allies defeated.
Maybe it is a good tool for leveling up some characters that are not at their max level yet, but it will always take more time to finish an enemy if you use this option.
Content & Prices
If you are looking for content, this is one of my most tactical RPG played games, with more than 100h just to complete the campaign and the sidequest. All of this for just €25.
On the other hand, the game on Switch got a price of €40, but it is voiced in English too.
Not everything is fighting, in almost all rings, there are chests with hidden treasures. Sadly, opening those chests is not as easy as it could be, it will consume an ally turn and sometimes, it will be another trap from the enemy, possibly incapacitating one of the allies. So, knowing that the protagonists cannot go back to most of the visited maps, I extremely recommend taking the risk of opening all chests.
On the other hand, quests are the only thing that can be repeated, opening certain levels to explore and repeatedly obtain the same reward over and over. For example, these quests are the only way to get enough income and unlock achievements like collecting 1,000,000 leaves (game currency).
In general, every stage is easy to clear at first try with the correct abilities. Sometimes, a great group of enemies with a complete set of skills can surround the characters and end in madness, but there is enough ground to evade this situation, and this is probably the first thing to take advantage of.
Every character has a complexity and a semblance that will identify them as warriors, mages or whatever class you can imagine. However, almost every character can use almost every available class in the game.
Final Opinion
The story is very deep and is voiced (in Japanese) but subtitles are given. It takes time to reach the end of this game, way more than usual.
It is not a game that I would recommend for someone whose first time playing this genre would be playing this game, because of the length of it (can feel very heavy) but if you feel like having enough patience it will be a good experience.
RATING: 7.5/10

Review from Steam

"An interesting RPG based on ancient Japan mythology!"
GOD WARS The Complete Legend. It's a Japanese style Tactical RPG game made by KADOKAWA GAMES. The game was originally released as "God Wars: Future Past" on PS4 & PS VITA in 2017. "The Complete Legend" is its enhanced version and was released last year as PS4, PS VITA, and Nintendo Switch. In the era of classic RPGs, the Tactical genre such as Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics has become popular, but in recent years it is not easy to find those kind of games. So it's very welcome that SRPG & TRPG fans finally can enjoy those games like GOD WARS. The Metacritic average score for this game is about 70. However, if you are an anime game fan or love JRPG, it can have a high quality of over 80 scores.
GOD WARS. It's an anime-style RPG. The story background is based on the ancient Japanese myth, but only the character & item settings have been brought, and the plot itself is newly written. So even beginners who do not know Japan myth can easily understand its story. Event scenes are a good match between comics and animations. The characters have full-voice acting, and even animal type characters' voice such as bear(kuma), rabbit(inaba), and so on are supported. According to developer comments, the game playtime will take more than 160 hours to enjoy all the content, including the expansion content such as "The Labyrinth of Yomi" & "The Deep Levels", additional scenarios, battles and collecting elements. The player walks through all areas of ancient Japan and proceeds with the story. You can know its scale somewhat, if you refer to the character relationship map.
As a tactical RPG, the battle system is a turn-based simulation that is played on a stage-by-stage basis. The playtime per stage is about 30 minutes, and 142 battle stages are available. It's somewhat similar to Disgaea, FFT, and Tactics Ogre in battle. Of course, there are also unique features in GOD WARS. Each character can have 3 job classes(main, sub, and unique). Thanks to them, even the same characters can vary greatly in their growth process and play style, depending on the player's preference. It was indeed fresh and interesting, so it makes the player more loving to one's characters. And if you actively use each terrain in the battle map, you can enjoy the battlefield more tactically. The game is well made overall, but there are some pity things. As the game progresses, the balance becomes uneven. Certain characters and job classes are too strong or weak. It may be TRPG genre's limit. Some battles are very exciting and challenging, but most level designs give a somewhat repetitive and similar impression. Nevertheless, if you like JRPG's grinding elements, you can really spend great time in this game.
New Game +
Character Design
Lots Of Contents
Full Voice Support
Outdated Graphics
Repetitive Grinding
Balancing & Optimizing
Uncomfortable UI System
*Conclusion :
GOD WARS The Complete Legend. It's a great JRPG with unique setting based on Japanese myth & folklore. It features its tactical gameplay, various characters with full-voice supports, and nice anime events. Above all, there is a lot of content to enjoy in this game. Its game graphics and 3D modeling are somewhat out of date, but its unique character design is good enough to make up for it. Due to SRPG & TRPG genre limitations, somewhat repetitive grinding processes are required, and in some cases there may be boring parts. But thanks to the characters' charms and its interesting storytelling, it will not ruin the game. Of course, it would be better if the game could be balanced and optimized through updates later. Given these points, it's definitely a nice tactical RPG that you might want to try. Highly Recommended!
"Score: Game 8/10, Translation: 9/10"
*The review score criteria from Nyanco Channel will be rated according to game price, genre, early access, and so on. Furthermore, most of them are Nyanco's own thoughts, so these reviews may be different from the the general users' opinions. Thanks!
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Review from Steam

Here to keep in mind
So far I've finished 15 main stages and 10 optional quests, I play on HARD difficulty, and I use Ookami's necklace and earrings for bonus JP (Job Points to buy skills)
- I love how this game act like an MMORPG where you need to have a tank with draw aggro skills, healer to buff your tank while the rest do the damage (obviously you don't need to do this if you're overleveled).
- The class system is similar with FF Tactics with more freedom regarding your passive skills. Ex: you can add jump+1 and move+1 to make an agility themed character while in FFT you can only add one of them since both use Leg slot.
- I love the difficulty level. My party is usually get destroyed if i'm being random lol. Which means i have to make sure that i have a balanced classes combination (healers, tanks, support, attackers, etc). Also MP management, it's quite scary when your 2 members get KO-ed and you realize that your healer don't have enough MP to cast a revival spell. Make sure you stock on items too.
- Beautiful soundtrack
- Beautiful artworks
- Beautiful animated cutscenes
- All of the lines are voiced
- A lot of sexy and cute girls!!!
- large bosses whose size takes 3x3 grid space! These bosses can also summon reinforcement which can turn "we can do this!" situation to "oh, shiiieeett!!!" situation. It's fun!
- The enemies really make use of the skills that they have, so expect a lot of unexpected moments (evasion skills make them almost untouchable, heal skills wasted all of your previous effort, poison make like your enemy has another team member). Don't forget that you have lots of skills too so use them. In this game you really can't rely on 1-2 skills alone, lots of skills that seems useless might surprise you.
- I think the game will be even more fun if the amount of items that you can carry into battle is limited
- I love story taking place in ancient japan with all the gods and mythical beings!
- The 3D models are too low poly

Review from Steam

Quick review:
God Wars, is a very interesting take on the tactics jrpg genre, there is a lot of common and familiar elements, such as jobs, height effects, skill, but there is also, lot of additions, such as aggro management (with things like skills, which increase or decrease aggro), way some skills and effect work, which make it quite unique and charming, specially given the theme and setting. The music is amazing.
It a good port, not much options, but runs very smooth.

Review from Steam

Is this a good game? Yes. Is it the best tactics rpg I've ever played? nope. The only thing that really stands out with this game is the artwork. It's pretty good. However, it's dated and kinda shows in game. I've been looking for something to scratch my FFT itch, and this game is doing it for the time being. The battle system itself doesn't stand out in any way or try to make itself different, but I can live with it. I'd rather not have it disgaea-crazy.
The things that I don't like is the story, it's average. Music is also average. I also don't like the world, it's an 'yokai' type of world, where everything can be explained by spirits; I just personally don't find the appeal in those kinds of worlds, it just feels lazy and uninspired to conveniently have everything be explained by 'oh its an evil spirits doing'. Also, one thing that I find really annoying is that you'll probably fight at most 10 enemies at a time on a tiny map. Most of the time, it's 7-8 enemies. Seriously, can't we get some big friggin tactical battles around here?!
I would still recommend it because the artwork is pretty good, and the battle system will scratch your tactics itch. Just don't expect a strong story, compelling characters, or science fiction.
Great artwork
Dual job class system.
Fun tactical battles
Dated graphics
Yokai world
Uninspiring characters
Tiny battle fields

Review from Steam

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Game Length:
Final Rating:
👍 Pros: 👍
Tons of gameplay
Lots of gorgeous art
Final Fantasy Tactics style gameplay
👎 Cons: 👎
Same sound every time something is selected in a battle menu
“GOD WARS The Complete Legend” is a turn-based strategy game that is quite similar to the excellent title under the Final Fantasy Tactics franchise. Combat is played on a grid covered board that has tiles at various heights. These tiles also provide various bonuses when they are stood on by units. This particular game innovates the genre by making every unit a unique character. Every unit can have a job that learns certain skills and a sub job whose skills can also be used, but they level up a bit more slowly. As mentioned before, each character is unique and is part of the story. This is why each character also has their own unique job with skills that no other character can gain. This provides lots of diversity and choices considering the large cast of characters, but some characters definitely seem better than others.
Game Breakdown
🎮 Gameplay: 🎮

The part of the game that the player will see is the overworld, which is why I want to get it out of the way. The map is separated into small circular nodes with names on them. If the node has a specific use such as a shop, a small icon in a text bubble will show up. Battles on the map are indicated by two exclamation points. When a new location is selected, the protagonist walks there. It is a pretty standard overworld experience except for one thing. When walking to a new destination that has a battle on it, the player will sometimes be caught in a scripted battle that occurs on the way to this new location. I liked this as it provided a sense of surprise and made it seems like there really were plans outside of one’s control. In so many games, the world reacts to the player’s plans, so it is nice to not be the center of attention for once.
Battle follows Final Fantasy Tactics rules pretty closely. Every character has a speed which determines their place in the turn order. Once it is a character’s turn, they may move, attack, or use abilities. Abilities use MP which is recovered from items and over time. Attacks from the back and sides have a higher accuracy and do more damage. The same goes for attacks and abilities done from high ground. Low ground creates a hit and damage penalty, so it is always important to put ranged fighters as high up as they can get. Battle for each particular character does also depend upon which class they are.
Classes & Skills
Each class has a unique skill tree. Every time a character attacks or uses an ability in battle, they will obtain JP, or job points. Job points allow the player to max specific abilities that they want the most, which quite helpful when trying to make a character fit a specific role. Each character can equip a class, sub-class, and a unique class that doesn’t change. When a class hits a certain level, they will unlock to new and more specialized classes. The advanced classes have much better stats compared to their predecessors but not equipping an earlier class means that those abilities aren’t available. That is until a class is set as a sub job. The sub job levels more slowly, but it provides all of the abilities gained its skill tree and abilities can still be leveled in it. The unique class for each character levels pretty slowly comparatively, but that is because the abilities gained can be stronger than any found in any normal classes. Unique classes are a great additions as each character feels like more than a useless pawn and can be used in specific ways. Characters aren’t especially effective without the proper equipment though.
Equipment provides stats and damage to a character that has it equipped. Each character can have a weapon, an offhand weapon, armor, and two accessories. Standard equipment is bought at shops with the money obtained during battle. Enemies will sometimes drop equipment or equipment can be found in treasure chests during battles. These can be standard, but they can also be rare which will provide stat buffs over the base equipment.
⚙ Overall:⚙
An amazing tactics game with an anime flair.
📚 Story: 📚
The story is enjoyable is a bit clichéd. A protagonist is saved and then must use their special powers to track down a parent to save their home. This boiled down version of the story really doesn’t give the story justice as there are plenty of twists and turns found along the way during my time with the game. Speaking of story, there is a lot of it.
🎧 Sound:🎧
The sound design is on average all right, but there are a few sound issues that grate on me. The minor problem is that the voice acting sometimes sounds like the voice actor is too close to the microphone which in turn is causing a slight buzzing around the spoken words. This isn’t too major, but it can occasionally get distracting and is not always there. My second and major issue with the sound is that a short trill sound plays every time that the player selects something in a menu. Considering that the player has to go through a lot of menus, this same sound plays a lot and becomes very frustrating. I looked in the menu to see if there was some way to disable this, but I couldn’t find one besides turning off all in game sound. In terms of sound effects there are a decent amount, though some are used for multiple skills, which I don’t mind. The music sounds quite a bit like traditional Japanese music. The music was relaxing, but looped a bit too much for my taste so I turned off after about 3 hours.
📺 Graphics: 📺
The graphics are overall quite good. The line art found in the dialogue portions of the game is quite clean and detailed. This art is also used for portraits used when selecting units. During conversations, the characters even emote based upon the text. In-game models look a little dated, though they are smooth and aren’t ugly due to low poly models. The art style used in battle is chibi, or units are small and have larger heads. Units have an interesting animation for each skill, but it felt like each one took a little too long. These animations can be skipped completely in the options menu though, but I found that it added impact to the fight that would be gone if it was otherwise turned off. Major cutscenes are fully animated and look magnificent. The cutscenes are presented in two different ways. The first way is a fluid and well animated style that looks like a typical anime. The other style is made to look like a manga, with art separated by panels that include speech bubbles. For an anime enthusiast, every art style that they could ever want is covered by this game.
This product was reviewed with a key provided by the developer for free.

Review from Steam

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The game starts with a procession of people making their way up the Mount Fuji. The creaking and squeaking of a norimono fills the air as they make their way to the top of Mount Fuji under the glow of a full moon. Upon reaching the top, Lady Tsukuyomi, the Queen of the Fuji Nation, with sadness upon her boat race (face) embraces her daughter, Sakuya asking “why does it have to be...?”. Lady Tsukuyomi is then informed that it’s time, it’s time to make an offering to the gods of Mount Fuji. The gods must be appeased, and their rage calmed but sadly, that offering is Tsukuyomi’s young daughter Sakuya!
Lady Tsukuyomi performs the ritual, Sakuya makes her way to the edge of the sacrificial ledge. With a big smile, Sakuya accepts her fate knowing that her sacrifice will protect her people from the wrath of the gods. As she nears the end of the ledge, huge plumes of molten lava erupt from the volcano. Lady Tsukuyomi tries to reach for her daughter but is held back. She turns away for a couple of seconds and as she looks back to her daughter, she’s gone. Lady Tsukuyomi is devastated her daughter is gone and screams out her name … SAKUYAAA...!!! This was thirteen years ago, and this is where your journey begins ….
After the sacrifice of her daughter, Lady Tsukuyomi disappeared leaving her kingdom to be run by Lord Kitsune. His reign in her absence isn’t as peaceful as hers was, in fact he’s a tyrant, the people suffer and starve. It’s at this point that the people they’ve had enough and decide to revolt. The people attack the shrine and go to open the storage for the rice, amongst those is one called Kintaro. Within the shrine is Princess Kaguya, she is the third daughter of Lady Tsukuyomi and before she was held here Kintaro had made her a promise.
She has been held at the shrine for when the time comes to sacrifice her to appease the gods. After defeating the guards at the shrine and talking to the princess, you free her and escape, heading off away from the capital unsure of what you’re going to do next. Although as Kaguya rests she has a dream, one which tells her to help mother but where is she? She’s not been seen for thirteen years. With nothing else to do, you decide to find your mother and see where it leads you. You control Princess Kaguya and Kintaro along with his companion Kuma. Kuma is one of the many Myriad Gods that have lived in Mizuho since ancient times. Kuma is in the form of a bear and has a strong bond with Kintaro, he can’t speak human languages but does so through mutual understanding.
From here you’ll enter the ancient world map of Mizuho (Japan), standing at the foot of Mount Fuji is your starting point. You’ll notice the next point of interest on the map and by selecting it you’ll be taken to that place. Each new place you encounter will have some icons above them, there are three types, Crossed Weapon icon means that you’ll encounter a battle here. Double Exclamation Marks is where you’ll have some conversations and a Building mean there’s a Shop or Shrine at that location. Each location will have a small amount of information about it upon clicking that location. Once you have finished in one location then another will appear on the map allowing you to proceed. However, sometimes locations don’t show on the map and you’ll only come across them as you move between those where you are and where you’re going.
Upon entering a battle, you’ll find yourself on the battle map, this is divided in to grids (you can turn these off if you wish in the options). On your first battle you’ll be given some information on the basics and you’ll also gain more information as you proceed in the game as you come across something new. On the battle map the terrain consists of different elevations rather than just a plain flat area. You’ll be able to use the different terrain heights to your advantage, such as an archer who is standing on a square which is four blocks high will gain an extra square in distance when attacking. When entering a battle, you’ll have victory and loss conditions. To be victorious in battle you must complete the victory conditions and if you complete the loss conditions it probably means that all your characters have died and that you’ve failed.
Each turn you’ll be able to move a certain number of squares. To move select you must select Move, you’ll then be shown where you can move to. This is indicated by blue squares, once you have your character where you want them, accept and they’ll move to that square. Sometimes you’ll may need to jump across an area to move forward. When jumping over one space it takes two jump stats and you’ll need enough moves to be able to make that jump. If you need to jump across two spaces, then you’ll need a jump stat of four. The order in which your characters move is determined by the characters SPD.
Next you must decide on the type of action you’re going to make next, whether it's to Attack, use a Skill, Item, Search or Defend. When attacking the use of Direction and Elevation are going to work in your favour. The position of your character in relation to your enemy will determine your Aim and Damage. Attacking face on will give you regular damage, while attacking from the side will give you a medium damage bonus. Attacking from behind will give you a high damage bonus. Attacking from higher ground will also increase your Aim and Damage, while attacking from the lower ground will give less damage. This doesn’t affect magic attacks only physical attacks and skills.
All characters will have some skills to start with, but you’ll be able to unlock more and customise your character as they grow. You’ll gain Job Points as your characters wins battles and levels up. These can be used to unlock new skills and upgrade any skills you currently with most skills being able to upgrade to level ten. These skills can be used for increasing your attack power, defence, vitality, recovery of health or magic points with a bunch of other options as well, depending on the jobs a character has. Skills require the use of Magic Points, depending on the skill type they can range from three points and up. They also have varying ranges on the battlefield, if you use Recovering MP then each turn will recover some MP for the character Recovering MP was used upon. Selecting to Stanby rather than Move will recover more MP.

+ Awesome artwork and intros
+ Great storyline
+ Challenging game play but very enjoyable
+ Plenty of customising of characters with multiple job types
+ Has Achievements
+ Has cards
- Only thirty FPS although it doesn’t impact on the game at any time
Lead Kagayu and Kintaro as they travel through the ancient lands, legends and myths of Mizuho.
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