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Ah… You’ve finally arrived…

From the look on your face I can see you don’t remember a thing…

Do not fret…

You are the very god of merging who graces the earth each millenium…

Once more, you must save the world from chaos.

That’s why you’re here.

There’s no time to elaborate.

Hurry and join the war of the gods…

Follow the articles below and you’ll be sure to relive the glory of the times gone by…

▶Law of Merging: Article 1

Craft weapons.

▶Law of Merging: Article 2

Combine the crafted weapons.

▶Law of Merging: Article 3

Gather companions.

▶Law of Merging: Article 4

Use the skills of the gods.

▶Law of Merging: Article 5

Collect special cards.


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