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Gnomes United

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Our caps are sharp, our confidence is deathproof, and we're ready to fight for our Freedom! In Gnomes United, you have to gather a squad of gnomes and fight against the oppressors and tyrants who torment your people.

Gnomes United is a traditional roguelike card game, but your cards are gnomes, your little bros. On your dangerous way you free your people and build a squad deck. You are constantly being hunted and Freedom will not be easy to obtain.

Your gnome brothers are not so harmless - there are clans and gangs of gnomes ready to pucnh a villain in the face in their own way. The player chooses which gnomes join his squad and this will determine his tactics in battles.

It will be difficult. The player should expect not only dangerous battles where the advantage on the side of the enemy, but also quests with difficult choices that will impact the end of the adventure.

Gnomes United is a dark and ironic tale. It's a story about gnomes whose motto is:

"Without friends, I'm a little bit, but with friends, a LOT!"

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