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Glory of the Arena

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It is all about the viewers. They came to the arena to be entertained. Show them your best moves. Defeat the enemies with style. Make a ruthless kill, or spare a life when they demand.

The Audience will reward you with money and glory!

Use the Streaming mode to connect with Spectators, or just use AI viewers.

Let the audience decide whether you shall get more challenging enemies, a powerup, a thumb up or a thumb down.

Or maybe you would prefer to be just the viewer, cheer and vote for the best fighter?

Choose your avatar, armor and weapon. Train your skills and unlock the moves.

Never hold back, never hide nor run from a fight as the audience will hate it.

Jump on a horse or switch weapons.

Fight with honor to win the hearts, or get a reputation of a merciless killer.

Enjoy the single player campaign. From a small local stadium, through battles on ships and fighting animals, to the colosseum itself. Fight your way up from the province to the greatest areas of the Empire.
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