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[Game Introduction]

The Adventures of Searching for Giants

The heroes of the Sirakus continent had to leave their hometown.

And now, they are going on a new adventure in Nable, a mysterious continent.

Heroes encounter powerful enemies as they explore the mysterious continent.

And, as the heroes fight them, they discover new powers hidden inside the heroes themselves.

Will the heroes be able to surrender to the Giants, the owners of the Nable continent, and return to their hometowns for their revenge?

[Game Features]

▶Endless choices. Exploration!◀

There will be endless contents based on the choices you make.

Characters you want to meet, opponents you want to fight, and the resources that will help you on your journey.

The choice is yours.

▶Simple but tactical battle◀

The controls are simple and easy. BUT!!

All the strategy will be made from your choice.

The battle mechanics will deepen as you fight on.

The thrill of victory will go hand in hand with the tactics you choose.

▶Stimulating Fever Time◀

No more boring farming.

From the ongoing Fever Time, your resources will accumulate.

Keep on exploring and feel the Fever firsthand!

▶A feast of various contents◀

Endless exploration and battles.

Unending PvP and Raid for survival.

Conquer to take the continent.

Clash with the mighty World Boss.

The ultimate Species Battle.

hero quest, gathering, mining, imprinting, underground dungeons, and so on.

Your choice becomes everything.

On the Nable Continent, you will experience the most exciting adventures with heroes and giants.

Right now. Go on a new adventure to the Nable.

The most attractive heroes are waiting for you.

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