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A new threat to the universe has mysteriously appeared: The Great Vacuum. The Federation could not escape the powerful force of the Vacuum, and have become imprisoned within it. Their last hope for survival is to summon a creature capable of defeating the vacuum from the outside. Do you have what it takes to save The Federation?Local Co-op!With the new local co-op, you can now play with a friend right at home, or online with Steam Remote Play! Will you be able to clear the zones and defeat the final boss together???GameplayPlay as a Ghost! Fight your way through many unique and fun enemies, while gaining new upgrades and game-changing skills along the way. Survive through randomized stages, defeat bosses and complete your mission. But be careful, if you run out of lives, it all resets! You can spend rare Muns collected from your battles to purchase permanent upgrades that will last throughout all runs. Unlock new upgrades to choose from by progressing through the game, including extra lives and companions!

MOUSE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!AchievementsGhostGame features many achievements, each of which unlock new in-game features such as costumes or new upgrades! The more you unlock, the more the game changes!Features
  • Local co-op!

  • 25+ Game changing skills

  • Tons of unlockable content

  • Completely mouse-controlled

  • Bombs!!

  • Upgrades

  • Roguelike!

  • Companions

  • Achievements

  • Costumes

"We'll have a Rockin' good time"
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

GhostGame is an extremely fun roguelike that brings a refreshing perspective on the bullet-hell games we've all grown to love. Every level consists of a randomly generated set of enemies, that fly across your screen in an attempt to kill your new ghost friend. The use of an energy based attack system forces players to be careful with how they spend said energy. Each stage has a different set of unique enemies with varying attacks and movement that will keep you on your toes. Everytime you start a new game, you start with a set number of lives. These extra lives allow the player to make a decision, either continuing your current run or going to the shop, turning death into a major gameplay mechanic. The game executes this concept well, resetting the wave's progress but allowing the player to purchase upgrades with the "ecto" they picked up previously. You can also pick up xp, which will allow you to level up and purchase game-changing abilities. With numerous abilities and upgrades, there are plenty of combinations to experiment with. If you do run out of lives, however, you will be killed permanently, and any upgrades or skills you acquired from the shop will be lost. While in between runs, you can take any "Mun" you collected and spend them on unique permanent upgrades that will help you throughout all of your runs. This game is no walk in the park, yet has a nice relaxed vibe to it, and as such will be able to satisfy both casual and hardcore gamers. There's plenty of challenge and content, with a unique run every time, with varying waves and upgrade rolls. I can wholeheartedly vouch for this game and the hours of fun you can have with it.

Review from Steam

Fun but hard, works well with Proton

Review from Steam

As a co-developer of many years with Mottafier, I can't even begin to speak on the amount of creativity and heart that bleeds into his projects. GhostGame is certainly no exception to this. I am honored to say I had a hand in development of this project, being the director of musical composition. I was often the visual artist for our co-developments, so I never truly got to see what my partner was capable of in that front. Through 2 years of development, I watched GhostGame's art direction grow stronger and stronger, falling in love with the level design and character animations more and more each day. He takes you through a variety of settings, with new enemies and bosses to accompany each, all with their own unique forms of attack and defense. Mottafier has created highly intuitive, yet highly challenging and intricate gameplay that I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on. It's clear to see after playing this game that he puts a lot of time and thought into creating a comfortable and immersive experience for the player. As a programmer and artist, he has absolutely outdone himself with GhostGame. I highly recommend playing it, not only as a friend, but as a long time collaborator and fan of his work!

Review from Steam

Beat the bosses, hired an eyeball, became pizza, and broke a vacuum cleaner 10/10

Review from Steam

I saw this on Reddit that this was some of this dev's first games.
And it's charming to boot.
Buy it. It's cute.

Review from Steam

this game is good and relaxing. it's challenging and test your skills.

Review from Steam

I love this game allot, especially how you use the mouse instead of the arrow keys!

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