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When the screen is dark

Please set the game quality higher from the option in the upper right of the menu screen.

(Set to "Good" or higher)

About music

You can freely distribute the videos of this game.

However, this game includes songs composed using commercially licensed sound loops.

About the Game

Simple 3D 3rd person view search game.

Manipulate a 13 year-old Saya and a 23 year-old Saya to find jewelry in her grandfather's mansion in the countryside.

A light game for all ages.

Not for core gamers or shooters.

Features of the game

3D 3rd Person View Game (Be careful as it is not a shooter.)

A level design created from scratch.

The atmosphere of a country mansion.

All you have to do is get all the jewelry in the building and you're done.

There are 32 jewels.

Simple operation. There are only 2 types of operation: "walk" and "get a jewel".

You can't do things like "run" "jump" "crouch" or "shoot a gun".

The door opens and closes automatically when the player approaches.

Save Load function (1 save slot)

Level 1 : When Saya was 13, she lived with her grandfather in his mansion in the country. Her grandfather's hobby was collecting jewels, but she always got scolded because she found and got them in his mansion.

Level 2 : 10 years have passed since then. Saya drove to the mansion where she used to live with her grandpa.


WALK: W, A, S, D

GET the gem: E

Camera: Mouse

Pause menu: ESC

Xbox controller

WALK: Left stick

GET the gem: X

Camera: Right stick

Controls(mini game puzzle)

Mouse wheel: Camera zoom

Mouse drag: Camera move, Move puzzle piece
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The first level is very dark, you can not see unless you get 2.674 inches away from what you are trying to look at. The whole time I played this game I was hoping I would be put out of my misery, or find some alternate way to leave this hellscape of a game. I could not stop until I found all the gems, I was trapped, trapped in an unending series of dark hallways that could have fooled even the greatest of physicists into thinking they had found themselves within a prison of non-euclidean rooms. Overall, I did not enjoy, but I got all the gems. I escaped this demented prison with over half of my brain cells left. I highly recommend! (I purchased the bundle for alpha-sonic games, great value!)

Review from Steam

I'm giving a thumbs up because the game is so cheap but I was debating this as the game could be better.
The idea of this indie game is walking around a big house to find gems which to some people sounds boring but I think the "hide and seek" collecting can be fun and relaxing but this game needs a few improvements.
1. walking is too slow there should be a sprint button
2. All you do is walk over to gems and pick them up, you should be able interact with things around you and gems should be better hidden.
3. The game is too dark , making sure it's on higher graphics settings helps but then potato gamers are left out so adding a torch would help.
4. Game needs more substance , add in a great storyline like a murder investigation or add in tomb raider or silent hill style puzzles in fact having a difficulty setting for a range of puzzles would be also great.
5. Game is too short even for the price one or two more levels would help.
So overall a relaxing game that could be much better; feels unpolished but fine for a relaxing playthrough.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

game itself isnt bad i think taht its nice, but too small, we want moore light and moore maps !, battery is needed, becouse there is too dark, and map need as well, recei[t, after door, you must going to right ..

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