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Gemini: Heroes Reborn

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Gemini: Heroes Reborn is a first person action-adventure that allows users to enter into the role of Cassandra, age 20. She is a young woman on a journey of discovery in which she will unlock incredible powers - unique in the Heroes Universe - and solve a mystery in her past. She will be reunited with her long missing family, but not in the way she ever expected.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It would be absurd to like a video game made to promote the Heroes reboot that nobody watched. It is beyond absurd that I love it.
It's a little rough (I had to reload several times during the final boss because I kept getting thrown into different soft lock situations), and it doesn't take long for combat scenarios to start feeling repetitive, but I had more fun with this janky, ambitious, creative game than I do with most big-budget, prestige blockbusters. The suite of power-ups on offer is ridiculous in all the best ways. Yes, you'll face challenges here and there, but you are the strongest, baddest, most terrifying super hero around, and it turns out, that's a pretty exhilarating way to spend a couple hours.
What does it offer fans of television's Heroes? No clue. I've never seen a second of the original series or the reboot, and this doesn't serve as the best advertisement. Most of the time when the game stopped and demanded that I listen to characters talk, I just wanted to get back to jumping through time, holding dudes in front of industrial fans, and solving puzzles. Fortunately, Gemini never takes its story TOO seriously. Why is our mild-mannered protagonist totally cool with violently wasting rooms full of guys, while also never considering how much easier that task might be if she just picked up a gun? Because telekinetically a man against a nest of live wires is cool.
This game is cool. It's dumb. It's sorta bad. I love it.
Streamers, take note: This makes a fantastic surprise for an audience.

Review from Steam

Good concept but executed badly. Well the mobile version about her sister was no longer available, which is sad. Wish this dev team can come back with a better execute game, not just a brilliant idea.

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