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What happens when the game is over, and the credits have rolled? What happens to the weaponsmith when her weapons are no longer required? Who helps the lowly potion master rebuild his store after The Attack? What's left for a hero to do in peace time? Find out, in Game Over!

Great features:

- An adventure RPG with musical characters, moral choices and multiple endings!

- Music based puzzles and platforming!

- Great rhythm based enemy encounters with no repeats!

- Enjoy a world where all music is diegetic!

- Learn what diegetic means!

- Difficulty options ranging from normal to Nigel Mode (my Dad (named Nigel (by his parents))) didn't like losing video games, so you'll never lose in Nigel Mode!

- Arguably funny!

- Created by just one developer over a period of 5 long years!

Okay features:

- Start menu

- Pause menu (works)

- Known price-tag

Bad features:

- Constipation.

- Diarrhea.

- Insomnia.

- Drowsiness.

- Dry mouth.

- Wet mouth
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