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Galactivore is a gory retro-style action-platformer inspired by the 16-bit era and featuring an all female cast.

Run, shoot and jump your way through varied levels, each featuring new enemies, bosses and gameplay elements. Enjoy lovingly crafted pixel art graphics while listening to an original soundtrack inspired by the classics of the 80´s and 90´s.

Find secret upgrades and collect rewards in the form of new ammo types as you progress through the game. Each ammo type affects the gameplay in different ways. Aside from certain bullet types being more effective against certain enemies, they can also be used to find hidden secrets and open new paths. Your actions in the game determines your journey and which ending you will get.


The year is 2068 and Earth has become uninhabitable. You are an unnamed space traveller, looking for any work you can find. You get hired by the Invisible Hand Corporation to help them fight the United Liberation Front. On your journey across different planets you will discover the thruth behind the Invisible Hand Corporation´s rise to power – the mysterious ”Substance 52”. This forces you to choose a side.

Will you fight for the Invisible Hand Corporation or the United Liberation Front?

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