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After a game cartridge falls from the sky, you wake up in a strange new world full of big heads, strawberries, manga, and cake! In this world, there are two sides to every soul: Main and Invert!

Welcome to Furquest - a cute RPG about loving your friends!

  • A cute story about a shaggy dog, a lonely bunny, a goofy horse and a... wolf. becoming best friends!
  • Minigame combat against a whole gaggle of chirpy and croaky monsters!
  • Tons of games to play in the world - carve pumpkins, decorate snow people, read manga, play basketball + more!
  • Unique boss fights covering a range of different genres from cooking games to visual novels!
  • A sweet art style and a sour soundtrack!

In this world, there are two sides to every coin. Although... that's true for every world, but, uh-

In this world, there are two sides to every soul: MAIN and INVERT. A happy Main will be matched by an unhappy Invert. An evil Main will be matched by a brave Invert, and so on.


By stealing the other's soul, the soul thief will transform into an incredibly powerful new form, a HERO SOUL.

After X,000 years of soul wars, Prince Aef has hereby declared friendship itself to be illegal to permanently separate the groups and permanently ensure that no soul will ever be stolen again.

One day, a rather strange puppy wakes up in this world. This is their story... er, quest!

Note from the developer (me! :3)

Furquest is a game I've been working on since April of 2017 and it's been a long journey from then till now! At its heart, Furquest is a game about friendship and the bonds we form with those closest to us.

To give you a better idea of the game's vibe, a couple inspirations include Undertale, WarioWare, Cooking Mama, and even certain aspects of shows like Avatar and Steven Universe!

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