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FrogStatue Screenshot 1
FrogStatue Screenshot 3
FrogStatue Screenshot 5

《FrogStatue》This is an independent mini-game produced by occasional inspiration. Developed by physical engine,easy to control and more strategy .

Target:throw the snowball into bowls.

New obstacles or game tools will be added in every 2-3 levels,such as windmills, simple pendulum, moving obstacles, electric fans, Domino and so on.

Control the catapult to throw the snowball, so that it can fall into the designated position to clear the customs.

If only use simple throw method,perhaps you will be stopped within 2-3 levels.Try to use different ways,such as bounce or other way,can help you easy to pass.

There are more interesting tools : SuperBall,BoomTrick , BoomBox….

Because of the limitation of competence, there may be some unknown bugs. Welcome you correct. I hope that you can hold a more tolerant attitude towards this game, which will give me the courage to continue to create. I will add more new levels, new items and so on.I am looking forward to your valuable advices .

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