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About the GameFoxus is a relaxing action-adventure video game. Head off on an adventure in the magical forest of Alandia and resolve its mysteries.


Take a walk through the serene forests and valleys of Alandia.


Along the way you will meet new quaint characters.


Collect strawberries and other items as you progress through your adventure.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Played it - liked it.
Now for some more detailed critics.
The art style is okay, what you'd expect from low-poly. The fox's animations though are splendid. Loving them. A little hacky here and there (turning to the sides could be smoother, same for attacking) but otherwise fine.
Interesting that a fox collects strawberries and stars. Maybe in the future we'll learn what that's about.
The music is relaxing, even if scarcely used. There could - and should - be more of it while you play. Some levels are completely silent.
About the camera; this really needs improvement. It goes below the ground whenever the fox - for some reason - looks up. Also, when changing levels, it reverts to manual mode despite being set to follow.
Collisions really suck. You need to be able to jump over fences and rocks and run past trees without an invisible wall blocking your way. The use of mesh colliders and capsule colliders would help a big deal (if the latter is already in place, please lower the radius, thanks!). In the first level, about west from the npc, you find a rock you can walk right into. This shouldn't happen either!
I won't comment on the content at this point, realising the game's still in early developement. Seen worse so far, even "The Forest" started out as a small game, so I expect some serious growth in the future :)
More NPC variations and especially a proper AI for the endboss should be obvious.
Also, bigger levels, more to do in them and please.. please! ... replace the particles. While they may be meant as stylish, they strike me as textureless. Even Unity's default particle would do better.

Review from Steam

I love foxes. Release should have been delayed a bit more until major problems are solved. It has lots of potential, tho.

Review from Steam

I really love the graphics and look forward to playing more of this game. However, the lag makes it unplayable for me and I am going to have to wait until that is resolved. I even put it on lowest settings and the lag is just awful which is disappointing because I really do want to play!
I did do the first couple quests and tried to play through lag but I just can't, it makes me nauseous.
Hope it gets fixed soon, because I waant to play!

Review from Steam

The game is super buggy at the moment, especially the movement and camera, but the designs are really cute and the animations for the fox are really impressive! I'm excited to see future improvements. :>

Review from Steam

dis game is tu gud m8

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