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Fox Hime Zero

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PS.Trading Cards and Achievements will come out with the final version.*Game Introduction *--「The more we learn, the more ignorant we get.」

This is an era of discovery. The industrial revolution has just demonstrated its power. With the increasingly emerged new technologies, human beings are free from natural sensory limitations, and the frontier of the cognitive world is expanding at an unprecedented speed.

“Yan” is a student of natural history. By coincidence, he has been sent to a natural observation station in the mountain for scientific research......

「Though the work is plain and dull, I can discover nothing significant if giving up halfway.」

He starts his journey of discovery with this belief.

On the way to the unknown world, who is waiting for him? And what would happen between them?*Game Features*
  • Dynamic Live2D pictures, even 2D characters are vivid(especially ears and tail!)
  • Dubbing throughout the game according to Live2D pictures

  • Elaborate CG

  • Dynamic Performance
* Character Introduction *Mori


Age: 18 / Height: 163cm

A feisty fox spirit, living in a temple in the mountains with Lord Sky Fox since childhood. She has little understanding of the human world, so she is full of curiosity.

Lord Sky Fox


Age: appears to be 25, no one knows her actual age ? /Height: 168cm

A serious adult fox spirit who processes enigmatic ability like a god. She lives with Mori and cares for her, but not knowing how to express.

She seems passive and reclusive, perhaps because she is well-informed.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

・゚♡゚・ just as cute as the first game ・゚♡゚・

Review from Steam

Short and cute. No ecchi. Not drawn out. Mori is a cute. I regret having this in my library for 3 years and never actually playing until now. Honestly better then something quadruple the price. Would recommend for anybody who wants to pick up a quick vn.

Review from Steam

nice and wholesome would recommend

Review from Steam

Review from Steam

My family is already dissapointed with me but...
HOLY! I AM NOT DISSAPOINTED WITH THIS AMAZING VN! I am such a big sucker for romances, and it literally fulfilled my desires. Lovely, cute, heartbreaking story with both funny and woefull moments. The overall idea of it may be a little bit generic, but I got into the swing of it instantly. Soundtrack, music, VA's acting, sounds, everything fits there perfectly! Combined with astonishing art and graphic, it literally makes it a masterpiece in my opinion. One of the best reads out there in steam, completely worth it's price. If you're a chad VN enjoyer, you definitely need to give it a try.

Review from Steam

i cry harder

Review from Steam

A cute VN with cards and Achieves
it has an auto feature and a linear storyline
just set to auto and let it idle for an easy 100%

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