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Forests of Augusta

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Forests of Augusta takes place in the forest where you will hunt wild animals and scavenge them for crafting materials. You will gather resources like wood, stone, iron to eventually build your own camp. You will have to defend your camp from wild animal attacks. With the gathered resources you can craft items like bows, arrows, potions and food.

Ranked Game Mode:

You will accumulate score points for your actions while the game time is not yet over. After the game time has completed you will be presented with your final score and have the possibility to compete on the leaderboards. After the game time is over you are still free to further explore the game.

Roaming Mode:

Explore the maps at your own pace. Hunt on wild animals but also for treasure. Level up and allocate stat points to further enhance your playstyle. Hunt, build, craft and explore the way you want.

Horror Mode:

You will have to survive in the forests at night where skeletons invade the forest. You will acquire experience points and level up while enemies also endlessly become more and more powerful. You are able to allocate stat points to further enhance your playstyle! When you die you get to submit your level score to the leaderboards.

Exploration Mode: Coming Soon

Explore a larger map complete with story quests, reputation to gain back after you got exiled, more crafting options, more weapons, armor and jewelry. Exploration mode turns the game in a survival game with RPG elements! Take on the Hirokez desert people, who were responsible for getting you exiled in the first place. Assault their temples with siege weapons and defeat their leaders in this war between the Augustians and the Hirokez. Explore a map filled with "points of interest" which give you either a nice scenery or a interesting view over the map.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

As of today (11/11/2018) this game has received an update that completely overhauled the UI, graphics, and added some new content including a horror/halloween mode (which will be permanent, don't be fooled by the name "halloween" mode, I am sure the devs will change this at a later date)
The devs are very much engaged in gathering and listening to community feedback. The developer clearly cares a lot about this game and If you are a fan of games where you grind to get the highest score on the leaderboard, if you want to be #1 and compete with others, this game is for you.
This game puts you in a hostile environment where you have to survive for a set amount of time, or in the horror mode, as long as you can (with enemies that get stronger and stronger as the game progresses). The end goal is to gain the highest score that you can get by killing animals, building, crafting, ... Basically it roughly comes down to your APM (actions per minute).
Even though this is the first real game made by a relatively new company, it is already in a very nice state and with all the planned updates the devs mentioned on discord/twitch, it seems like this is the kind of game every lover of the Survival, roguelike, or builder genres will fall in love with.
Definitely give it a go! At the current price it is a total bargain and there will be much more content and gamemodes to come!

Review from Steam

It's a hunting game where you kill a bunch of animals and scavenge for stuff to survive and kill more animals, but also there is a Halloween mode where you (re)kill skeletons so you don't feel bad

Review from Steam

I have played this game since early developement and thoroughly enjoyed seeing it become the game it is today. As a survival game it reaches new heights as a concept, sort of like a survival game thats on a 2x speed. To "win" you need to collect resources to instant build structures that provide you with differing arrows, level up bows, potions etc. The premise is simple, get arrows, kill animals, score points.
Scoring points is the easy bit, staying alive is the hard bit! be sure to gather materials enough for cooked meat, potions and water. With three different time attacks you can easily pick thisgame up for a half hour play, an hour play or even longer and challenge yourself to survive for the longer timer of 45 minutes if you really want.
It is clear that there is more to come with this game, the developer has a passion for their designs and is willing to engage with anyone to fix or improve on features and I cant wait to see what else is in the future for this game.
*Although yes I received this for free, it was a pleasent surprise after testing before it released.

Review from Steam

its a really nice game, relaxing and it looks really good. worth to try it out and hoping for some more stuff to do!
developer has promised a price drop to 6.59 euro / 7.99 dollar in Augusta 2018
this is my first impression of the game, it can offer more but tho it may come in later patches. maybe the animals can be abit more agressive.

Review from Steam

I've had a great time playing Forests of Augusta so far.
There needs to be bit of a tutorial which im sure the developer will work on.
The graphics are very good and the background ambience gives a very peaceful yet involved experience.

Review from Steam

First of all, It is Early Access..
So keep in mind things are being changed and tweeked.
I have played it a few times now, since Beta, and the only fault I can find so far is the movement of ''Wildlife'' where you can easily count which way they are ''Dodging'' next.. ( This will be fixed btw.. Have it on good authority :P )
Other than that, I have found no bugs or any other fault of that manner.
The game looks visually good, gameplay is smooth. Content is still minimal, but fun to play and go head to head on the scoreboards with your mates! (I suck so I am not even competing)
Looking forward to the campaign bit..
Altho it is Early Access.. This game already shows promise and the developers are working on this game daily..
Keep up the great work, Rebel Camp Games!

Review from Steam

Fun little game! Enjoyable and fairly challenging! Really looking forward to exciting future updates!

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