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Forest of Tails: Arena

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Forest of Tails: Arena puts you in the role of a mouse fighting in the Fieval arena for eternal mouse glory. Use stick, axe, and acorn to defeat wave after wave of angry enemies.

Forest of Tails: Arena is a real-time action arena game that pits you against bugs, animals, and even other mice. Fight your way through waves, gain new skills, and loot powerful equipment to fight your way through progressively more difficult levels. Death doesn't mean the end for you; pick yourself back up and continue from your last checkpoint with all your skills and equipped gear in tact.

Play Your Way

After creating and customizing your mouse, you'll be thrust into the pits. Do you want to bludgeon ants using a rock warhammer? Maybe you'd rather poison lizards using your bow fashioned from plant roots. You'll be given lots of options on how to take down the unique enemies you'll find in the game.

Level up and Grow

Earn and select perks every time you level up. As you grow and improve your character, better and more unique randomized loot will drop for you. Combine weapon and character talents to create a force to be reckoned with.

Fight, Die and Fight Again

Death is only the beginning. Every time you die, you can take your equipped gear and stats back into the fight at your last checkpoint. Grind your way to the top and fight the biggest, baddest enemies that the arena can throw at you.

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