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Flatout 4: Total Insanity

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Flatout 4: Total Insanity elevates the level of hard hitting, fast paced action in the demolition derby style racing genre. Fans will rejoice as the celebrated series offers bigger, louder, better and more outrageous stunts and collisions. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity offers something for FlatOut fans both new and familiar. Key Features: •27 customizable cars, including tributes to fan favorites and new additions to the garage. •20 Tracks including traditional derby racing, time trials, arenas, assault levels, Carnage levels and much more. •High speed collision in fully destructible environments. •The legendary Stunt Mode: a mix of six new stunts and six re-imagined classic stunt mini- games where the driver is flung through the windshield. •Arena Mode: featuring 3 different game play styles - Death Match, Capture the Flag, Survivor. •Up to 8 players Online Mode and play locally with friends in a series of stunts.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A solid racing game if you can ignore the Flatout title.

Review from Steam

While this game fails to capture the magic that is FLATOUT 2, there is something special to it that's definitely worth your time. Be warned, the first few races will seem horrible, slow and boring but that's mainly because the initial vehicles you have to start with are really bad. Once you fight through those first couple of races and get yourself a decent vehicle it all starts to click. Give it a chance.
If you're really looking for the Flatout sequel you deserve I recommend Wreckfest by Bugbear.

Review from Steam

Omg, the developer was so drunk when he did the physics 10/10

Review from Steam

Great and fun. The only problem is that it feels like it's capped at 30fps....

Review from Steam

most fun racing game with a focus on fucking shit up.

Review from Steam

It's actually pretty good. The tracks are well designed and nice to drive in. The soundtrack is good. The are multiple paths you can take on most tracks. The physics is kind of not good but it's fun anyway. It could have used more vehicles though. 7/10

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