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You're in your apartment, you don't know what year it is, but it seems like the near future. Suddenly,

a kind of machine appears that opens its door before you, you feel curious and

You decide to enter, the door closes, once closed it offers you two buttons to press and each button offers a different path to follow.

FINIS is a puzzle game that explores 21 different universes. Each universe offers a different experience, terror, calm, destruction, war, progress... You can choose between 8 completely different paths and each path will take you to a unique ending.

- 21 multiverses.

- 8 different paths.

- 8 unique endings.

Once the game is finished, you can play again to discover the other paths and experiences, all of them so different that they will surprise you.

You decide which way to go, do you prefer progress or decline? Utopia or war? Discover that beauty can be anywhere, explore the limits of civilization, how far human beings can progress and how far they can go to destroy themselves.
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