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Final Theory

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Featured DLC

The Syndicate Navy DLC is now available!

Featuring titanium armor plating, long range railguns, energy weapons and more.

The Royal Navy DLC is now available!

Featuring gold armor plating, particle beams, cluster bombs, LRMs and more.

About the GameFinal Theory is a 4X-lite turn-based strategy game where you command fleets of battleships engaged in a galactic civil war. It presents an exciting experience for both veteran players and those new to the genre. It features innovative combat mechanics but also hearkens back to some of the classics of gaming.

Game Features

  • Turn-based strategy with innovative hex grid combat system.

  • 6 difficulty levels suitable for beginners and veterans alike.

  • 7 different ship classes to command + 1 deployable ship.

  • 7 fleet-wide stackable ship bonuses.

  • 8 ship tiers featuring weapons, abilities and skill points.

  • 56 module upgrades to choose from.

  • 72 Steam achievements.

  • Quick Battles and Custom Battles. Supports PvP through Remote Play Together

Innovative Combat Mechanics

Mix ships to gain synergy. Use powerful weapons, tactics, positioning and line of sight to win.

Hex Grid Movement, 100% Turn-Based

Take all the time you want to plan each move like a deadly game of chess.

Includes The Imperial Navy

7 ship classes, 56 upgrades, 8 ship tiers featuring weapons, abilities and skill points.

Backstory: The galactic Empire is in a state of decay due to a severe shortage of it's most vital resource known as Tacknium. Without this resource millions of colonies will be cut off from deep space and inevitably regress to a more primitive state of being. The Empire has declared the outer rim territories a lost cause, and now every quadrant of the galaxy is preparing for war, desperate to sustain their way of life.

The archives speak of an old research project conducted at the height of the Empires prosperity. A warhead with the ability to cause a cascading subspace collapse within the center of the galaxy, and create a Tacknium deposit of unparalleled wealth. Enough to supply the galaxy for countless eons and allow for subspace jumps of previously unimaginable distances. The codename for this project was Final Theory.

The intended purpose of such a weapon was to usher in the age of intergalactic colonization, but the project was ultimately abandoned. The risk deemed too great since an uncontrolled cascade of such magnitude could prove devastating to the galaxy itself.

The Final Theory project data remains however. Located at old Imperial research stations scattered across the galaxy. Recovering this data has now become the last hope for the abandoned outer rim colonies.

As commander of a recently formed Dominion, it now falls to you to fight through these dark times and secure a future for your people. Your appointment by the Dominion high council came with but a single mandate. Ensure victory for the Dominion by any means necessary.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Wow I love this game! way too many space strategy games have too many things to keep track of. Planet populations, economies, diplomacy, building stuff, that all just drags them down and makes them tedious to play to me.
Final theory says "Screw all that nonsense!" and just throws you into effectively a simple board game of a strategy map. No building bases here, you just discover them as you expand your borders, no diplomacy either, everyone is hostile and you just get on with the fights once you clash.
Speaking of fights lets talk about the tactical combat, arguably the heart and soul of this game: It is near perfect! No stupid RNG mechanics like evading, armour deflection or dice rolling to see how much damage you do. if a gun says it will do 300 damage it will ALWAYS do 300 damage. Consistency is king in a tactics game like this and its so good to see it done properly.
The ships themselves are reasonably well balanced too, but whats brilliant about them is that every ship stays relevant throughout the game. Yeah your Battleships and Dreadnoughts will get most of the kills late game, but those frigates and destroyers you were using at the start will still be necessary to keep them alive and clean up the weaker enemy ships.
research is relatively straight forward: only two upgrade trees which use separate resources:
1) Engineering: where you'll give your ships new abilities in a set order as well as boost their base stats: Weaponry, hull health and shield health.
2) Development is where you'll find some nice boosts and is the closest thing to a perk system in this game, unlike engineering you can unlock them in any order, you can get the cheaper ones straight away or save up for the more expensive ones. You CAN get them all eventually so don't worry too much about which ones to get.
Final Theory does ALOT of things right, with just over 600 hours under my belt I can say that with confidence! However to be fair to the people being negative about this game, there are a few issues:
1) The AI can act a little odd at times, often making questionable decisions in both combat and on the strategy map, apparently that can happen regardless of what difficulty you're playing on (I haven't played above proficient because i'm not a masochist lol)
2) You can only move once per turn on the map layer, this isn't really a problem for me since I grew up playing turn-based video and board games; But it seems alot of players find this tedious. Maybe if we had more movement options as the game progressed, such as wormhole devices for example this wouldn't be a problem.
3) the game can feel repetitive after a while, again this isn't a problem for me as I like the consistency.
4) This is the one thing I agree with the naysayers on and its related to point 3: The lack of features in the strategy layer is boring. Giving us the propaganda device in the latest patch was a good step to alleviate that somewhat, but its still boring and slow as hell when you've got nothing but building and moving ships around to do. Making them move around a little faster with another cool-down ability would do well to help with that.
in conclusion: Final theory is a great game that fills a, sadly, near-empty niche in turn-based tactic space games. it drops the clutter of other 4x games, a great focus on tactical combat and a simple and easy strategy map.
in the games current state i'd give it an 8/10, if those map movement issues were addressed and a slightly more competent AI were implemented it would be a solid 9/10.
With even more navies on the way, along with what I just said this could very well be what the game needs to push it to 9.5/10 or even a perfect 10/10!
Come on Monticube! I know you can do this!!!

Review from Steam

The publisher is not lying when they say 4X-lite. It reminds me of the Sid-Meiers Starships game but less disappointing. One game took me ~9 hours so a little more than $1/hr.
The game is fun for a bit but gets a little repetitive.
Some of the achievements (complete the game on X difficulty Y times) does not unlock the X-1 difficulty achievement. So if you wanted to collect all the achievement you'd have to play the game 24 times (6 difficulties) so maybe ~216 hours. I do not think I could stay sane doing so.
Once the other ship packs are released, I'm sure the game could be played more.
I did not experience any bugs.
As other have pointed out, this game suffers from the lack of faster/skippable animations. They get somewhat annoying at times.
The game could be more fun if there were...
-smaller maps
-more fleet movements per turn
-More propaganda satellites (used to claim systems) per turn (possibly scaling with empire a size)
-Different a galaxy designs / more choke points
-More resource rich systems
-Uncapped Adjustment point limits for ships
This game could benefit from a better UI
-Likelihood of success for propaganda satellite success
-A centralized ship building menu so one does not have to move all of the map to build a fleet
-An abilities indicator when hovering over enemy ships during combat
-The possible damage done to an energy ship should be indicated before carrying out an action
--This could be done by having the ship HP (shield,armor,etc) flash red when hovered over
-Some ship abilities bestow mystery status bars on ships.
In terms of price, there is 1 DLC, 3 planned, and the base game. Assuming current pricing, this would equate to $36 for the full game. I think the UI and gameplay needs to be refined before paying that price - especially if each DLC will add new ships and abilities.
It kind of feels like an early access game somewhat rough around the edges but at an okay price.

Review from Steam

It is an incredibly well made, clean, turn-based space combat game and most of all it's fun.
The devs should be complimented on making such a professional game as the graphics, music, user interface and game-play have clearly been a labour of love.
If only this combat was in Endless Space 2 it would be my favourite game of all time. At time of writing there are new fleets coming and I'm really hoping the game gets more love and the 4x side of things can be fleshed out over time.
Strong buy recommendation and you'll certainly get your money's worth.

Review from Steam

10/1/2021 - I would recommend this game for an afternoon or evening when you just want to enjoy some down time.
Battle graphics are entertaining and the galaxy map layout is pretty neat and clean. User Interface is well laid out and easy to use. Tutorial is run in phases as you play and doesn't interfere with game play. Sometimes it is difficult to see the fleet ships vs the background graphics in the battle phase, although it is easy to rotate and / or zoom the screen to get around this when it happens.
You are given the option to choose the color to represent each fleet. I didn't notice any way to give your fleet a custom name.
Difficulty level determines # of starting ships, tech level growth rate, AI aggressiveness and a few other things.
Sounds are pretty good for the action going on whether fleet movement, missles, shields, guns, propaganda satellites or whatever.
Upgrading system is a little weak for the prices and limited, but usable. When you upgrade a ship type, ALL SHIPS of that type receive the upgrades immediately after purchase no matter where they are in the galaxy.

Review from Steam

A combat-focused empire builder, with no micro-management, a clear & concise UI and gameplay systems that allow for a variety of strategies across multiple playthroughs.

Review from Steam

very cool tactical space warfare game, never felt cheated by the ai, which let me tell you is a big problem with these kinds of games.

Review from Steam

I liked pretty much everything about this game when i put my first 20 hours in yo it. Good concept for a fleet game. and if you want a challenge just play it on grandmaster difficulty and if not the lower difficulties are still fun to play. I had about 160 hours into it when i bought some dlc's and then i learned to love this game. the syndicate fleet is my favorite made it a whole new game entirely should have gotten it right away. the other fleets are interesting to use as well but pound for pound the syndicate fleet is the best. now i have 300 hours on it and it is still fun to play

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