Filthy Lucre

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Your heist, your way: solo or co-op, all guns blazing or slow and stealthy, but whatever you do – get out with the goods and don't get greedy. Your past will catch up with you. Overthrow a criminal empire protected by an army of private security in a series of daring heists across The City. Create distractions and silently take down targets, or cause mayhem with a hail of gunfire and remote explosives. Think on your feet, the situation can quickly escalate as the guards react to your every move. Play it tactically or all guns blazing, Filthy Lucre gives you the gear and gadgets to pull off the ultimate steal. This is your heist, your way. Every time you play Filthy Lucre, it plays out differently, our cutting-edge AI means the world acts and reacts according to your actions. We’re allowing players to create their own unique ways to make a steal, with different experiences each and every time. The choices you make in-game have consequences, your past will catch up with you!

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