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File Under Kingdom

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As the new Royal Planner, it is your job to satisfy the needs of the kingdom through clever placement of buildings and land. Each building will generate a resource according to what surrounds it, be it natural or manmade.

Use a combination of buildings to get the most out of the space you have, as your funds can dry up fast, leaving you to sell the land you just developed to buy more.

Once the needs are met you will be shown transcripts from the Council Meetings, where you can see how focusing on one resource over another has altered events and/or forced the king down a particular path.

  • A variety of buildings at your disposal.

  • (Somewhat) Randomly generated land to buy, build on, and sell if needed.

  • Branching story with multiple endings that hinge on what you decide to build.

  • 9 Maps that will test your management skills, see how you compare to the previous Royal Planner.

  • A Freeplay mode if you want a break from the Campaign and just wish to build.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Huge thanks to Vidmancer for hooking me up with a copy of this game.
As a city builder enthusiast, I'm always on the look out for games that shake up the genre and loosen the definitions. Though I may love them, my dashboard is full of photo real village sims - so the art style of File Under Kingdom immediately grabbed me and hauled me in. Sound design is hugely important to me, and for a game that basically amounts to stamping squares of paper over and over again relies heavily on it; FUK delivers (that's not a great acronym, whoops). From the sound of the stamp, to the sound of coins as you sell land, the resource tokens you gather, everything ties together in a very cathartic little sound design package.
Which helps to offset the immense frustration my dull little squirrel brain burned with through the puzzle solving aspect of this game. Much like Alexander faced with Gordian's Knot, I prefer to chop my way through issues rather than outsmart them. That being said, when I managed to complete Level 1, the dopamine levels in my brain probably would've been classified as illegal by my conservative government. I howled headlong into Level 2, which included many variables and I was stumped.
Honestly, I enjoyed the refreshing changes this game brings. I actually sat down and played a puzzle game with heavy maths elements which should be an accomplishment all on its own. Give it a shot, see if you can beat my high score.

Review from Steam

Wow this game is great, the tutorial was really well made! Overall I love puzzle games and this scratched that itch for sure!

Review from Steam

Really fun puzzle game. Plenty of life in it with lots of different story outcomes whilst trying to perfect each map.

Review from Steam

This is a really fun and relaxing puzzle game that basically distills the stuff I love from simcity-style games into something I can easily complete in ten to fifteen minutes per map.
While I enjoy seeing all the different story outcomes, I do have two minor criticisms (EDIT: One of these has been addressed!):
1) While the story has many opportunities to branch off, it is still fairly short. I've only completed one campaign run so far, but judging from the main menu UI, it looks like there's always only 10 or so missions before a run is finished. I'm not saying there isn't a lot of content here -- there definitely is -- but the story ended fairly abruptly for me when I was hoping to at least get a couple more hours out of my initial run.
2) This one's a much bigger problem, but still easily fixable (EDIT: This has been fixed!) -- unless I'm missing something, there's no way to see what the goals are to Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze a map until AFTER you've finished it. That makes trying to get the best possible score a lot more annoying since I don't know all of the parameters that I'm being judged by. If there's a way to easily get this information while I'm in the middle of a mission, I'd love to hear it.
I just want to reiterate that this really is a great game, especially for the price point. If you're looking for a relaxing puzzle game to kill some time with every now and then, I can't think of a better recommendation.

Review from Steam

Watched ReneeSky's Let's Play and bought the game 15 minutes into it.
File Under Kingdom is a great little game that is easy to pick up, but offers a random element to every level to make things interesting.
Not being able to move choices once made adds complexity where you think you have the solution worked out, go to move on to connect the last parts of the map.....and you blocked yourself in with an early choice. But restarting a level means a new layout of resources, and new map tiles available meaning a brand new set of challenges to play.
The music is simple but relaxing, which is exactly what you want for a title like this, it wouldn't be out of place in a medieval themed "Lofi and Chill - Beats to Plan a Kingdom to"

Review from Steam

This game is a calm time killer, it is more of a puzzle game, that requires a degree of thinking, alongside trial and error. It is slow paced, yet enjoyable.
I find it to be a decent game and fairly priced. The mechanics are not hard to understand but you definitely need to have a strategy to succeed in this game.
I would like to see a casual competitive, person to person multiplayer. Lets say you and a friend both are given the same map and have to see who completes the objectives, faster and more efficiently. It is not an important aspect but it would be nice to just see the possibility of casual multiplayer, it would not need to be on servers just friends trying to compete to on locally hosted games.
Overall, the game is quite polished, I just don't believe that I did the game justice when I streamed it, as it is a fun, calm and casual game.

Review from Steam

Got this game after watching ReneeSky's youtube video on it, great game with replay ability and a lot of different solutions for each level. The dialogue that changes depending on how you solved the level is also a great little easter egg! Simple game to start but gets more complex with time, how well will you do?

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