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Fight Me Bro!

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Fight Me Bro! is a ridiculous fun filled multiplayer platforming beat down game. Grab a Bro and take turns in this relentless cat and mouse chase where only one of you can win!

Challenge a friend in a best-of-9, winner-takes-all grudge match, dodging enemy bullets, spikes, and crazy bats to buy yourself enough time to reach the finish line alive! Then turn the tables on them and unleash a relentless run-and-gun barrage of bullets, traps and super attacks.

  • Non-Stop Action: Every second counts and every round has the potential for amazing outplays!

  • Bizarre Characters: Each character has their own absurd attacks, irresponsible traps, and surprisingly normal jumps, creating a wide variety of exciting playstyles.

  • Easy to Pick Up and Play: Simplified gameplay makes for an easy to learn, but hard to master experience that lets you jump into the fun right away.

  • Exciting Levels: Each level is a different experience with exciting underground caves and forests.

  • Couch Multiplayer: Experience intense couch multiplayer where you both play on one screen as you fight to the finish line!

Controllers highly recommended!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Nice game but needs more dank memes

Review from Steam

Fight Me Bro! was featured on a Youtube show of mine #MFKVTW
and now onto a small review.
graphics, sound & artstyle
-while the graphics aren't too great, the sounds of speed metal blaring through a level with quirky and lovable characters as they run away from being beaten is such a nice touch. However the lack of variety in levels and characters hurt it in the end.
- Fight Me Bro's gameplay is very simple, (gamepad heavily recommended) you jump through obstacles as the opposing player tries to stop you from reaching your destination in a best of 9 series match. It's extremely easy to grasp (as shown on my video, it was Nikki's first time playing it and shes not a gamer by any means). It's easy to get lost in this game for a few hours as long as you have a few friends.
Whats the price?
- The retail price for this is $3.99 USD, and while I enjoyed the game it feels like content is mising. Maybe even a workshop to create our own levels.
How many hours estimated?
- With Fight Me Bro, you will get your money's worth. That is as long as you have some friends to play it with locally as there is no multiplayer. I see myself playing this 15-20 hours more.
- Pros:
'Easy to grasp.
'great character designs, awesome song (would like some variety perhaps?)
'loads of fun
'no online mode
'only two levels
'no single player/practice mode
'no online multiplayer (LAN incoming however)
'some characters feel overpowered
-Mr Botsbi spams hard
-Nyx combo with books and her blast makes it easy for players to win
(It balances it out with Botsbi as he has low health, but someone quick like him can easily take out a clunky Fatbird)
Buy it, Wait for it to go on sale, Don't.
-Fight Me Bro really has me on the fence, despite the negatives that I've said, I personally love it, I feel like I can look past it's imperfections and recommend it to anyone. But I can see how some tidbits can be frustrating. The lack of maps really kills me. As noted earlier the price is only 3.99USD and it's worth every penny. But to those who dont have the luxury of having friends over often, it's still a fun little party game that can easily replace the board game repetoire.
BUY IT if you have someone to play it with.
WAIT FOR SALE, because even if its a couch multiplayer game in essence, it's still worth to pick this title up and support the indie devs who obviously put a lot of work into it.

Review from Steam

it's like splitscreen without splitscreen. you can play a game with a friend in like 5 minutes then make fun of him because you killed him or because he's bad and it's ufnny. Don't use keyboard, tho.

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