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Fiasco Restoration and Repair

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A horribly damaged, priceless work of art lands at your doorstep and you have to repair it fast with whatever you have on hand. How would you do it? What would you use? This is the position Antonio Fiasco finds himself in. Some shady distant cousins have somehow come into possession of valuable and famous works of art that have been curiously damaged. They seem to misunderstand Antonio's arts degree, which is in culinary, and are employing his services to repair their strangely familiar pieces of artwork. Anyway, they're paying and Antonio isn't asking any questions!

  • Freeform painting system.

  • Dynamic fluids.

  • Liquid mixing.

  • Variety of Tools and Equipment.

  • Iconic Artwork to Restore.

  • Free Paint Mode.

The game features classic works of art in great need of restoration. The iconic pieces arrive broken, damaged, stained, torn, and disfigured. The damage is so extensive, it's a wonder how it even made it to the garage in the first place. But now it is Antonio's job to somehow revitalize it to it's former glory, or at least as close as he can given the time.

The restoration process is delicate and complex. There are many specialized processes and tools that Antonio is completely oblivious of. Instead, improvisation is key. There are a variety of items available in the garage to (hopefully) aid in the restoration process. The items come in the form of tools, various liquids, containers, food, and whatever else you find in the nooks and crannies of the garage.
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