Fate of Persephone

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UPDATE as of 12/22/2022: We had hit a snag with production for awhile as the main artist cannot do all of the art anymore so there is another artist doing landscapes while the previous artist is doing characters. This resulted in a change of style and a change of UI color themes. However, we are trying to get up to speed with the change to get back to where we were and then beyond! Development is going strong now. Don’t be surprised to see the screenshots changing as time goes by. The trailer video is outdated now but a new one will be made once enough new footage is available. – Matthew

This RPG is partially inspired by the classic Sleeping Beauty story. Fate of Persephone attempts to give a new spin on role playing games: a predominately female cast of characters, a ‘magic only’ battle structure, and a focus on alternative ways to advance in the game. The game awards experience points not only for fighting but also for acquiring wisdom through puzzle solving, lore studying, secret area finding, etc.

The game also will feature four times of day that are based off of the time of the realm to add different moods to every area. Some treasure chests are ‘random prize’ to pay homage to the classic paper-and-pencil RPGs that so many of us love. A full digital audio music score in high-quality stereo WAV format is also included to allow us to more accurately help the player to become engrossed in the game; as we feel that music is one of the most powerful forms of art available to games. The project also includes voice acting as well.

Some of the features we have implemented:

  • Free moving inventory management
  • User friendly player equipping interface
  • Quest Journal that keeps track of game objectives
  • Automap that allows ARBITRARY fast travel
  • Atmospheric particle systems (dust, rain, smoke, etc.)
  • Voice acting with accurately timed mouth animations
  • Conversation trees with player decisions that determine future events
  • Play your way with multiple input styles (keybinds, icons, viewport)
  • Inventory trash can that can retrieve last five items discarded, if needed
  • Strong music score and ambient atmospheric sound tracks
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