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Fast Food Mania 3D

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Fast Food Mania 3D - a game in the genre of three in a row with a set of glasses, made in 3D graphics.
In the game you have to work in a cafe, collecting arbitrary orders, making combinations of 3 or more units of one product. If there are several modes that differ in the amount of time allotted for collecting food. Try to break all records and become the best in the fast food business!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

TL;DR: Luke-warm thumbs up on this one if you've got .99 cents for the sale price and like the cute graphics.
This game is kind of, well, strange. To swap items you must first click an item to get it to glow. You then have to quickly double click the item you want to swap it with. Why the double click? This is the first and only match three I've seen do that, and I really don't understand why.
I liked the unicorn sweets title by the same company, but this one felt like I was brute forcing the swaps. That said, for the sales price of .99 cents USD it's an OK-ish title. I just wish the swaps we're easier to make (single click please) and there was more variety in backgrounds.

Review from Steam

ну что сказать, обычная матч-три игрушка с трехмерным элементами на тему фастфуда. делать нечего, сиди-собирай. одно мне показалось, что заигрывание с трехмерными модельками и их дерганьем на пользу не очень пошло, отвлекает в не в лучшую сторону, а в целом три-в-ряд как три-в-ряд

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Nice graphics, not difficult levels, as well as levels against the clock, all this is in Fast Food Mania 3D. great game for your money, you can kill a couple of hours of your time.

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