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Fall of Light

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As Nyx, an old, retired warrior, evade the Shadows and find your way through the crooked corridors of gloomy dungeons, navigate the treacherous pathways of the darkened overworld and fight emissaries of darkness in long-forgotten temples. Many puzzles and deadly traps stand between you and your goal – to bring your daughter Aether to the last place on the face of Earth that still sees light. Inspired by games such as Dark Souls and ICO, Fall of Light rewards those who explore the world on their own and draw their own conclusions. Meet odd characters, search through every nook and cranny to unlock hidden secrets and learn more about the history and lore of the somber world around you. Pick your favorite combination of close-range weapons, crossbows and shields, determine your fighting stance and get ready to face hordes of crafty enemies. And above all, keep your daughter from harm, as she is the light piercing the darkness and the key to unlocking forbidden passages.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

When I fisrt started this game I was like "how do I fight??" I could only dodge enemies, and I was thinking the mouse was not recognized by the game, but then also block didn't do anything, which is left control by default... After playing around a bit, I found a shield, and suddenly the character was able to block, a few moments later I also found a sword, and the character was able to fight... That was it.
The game itself is actually pretty amazing. The only downside so far, is that the enemies respawn and so there is repetitive gameplay,... but everything else is pretty nice and there is a lot of originality put into the game. Be careful tho you will probably die many times falling off the edges.
Absolutely recommended for the fans of this genre (isometric action RPG adventure,...).
Edit: So far I encountered one bug, it's a black screen after respawning in a specific area, and I need to load my game again to bypass it. I won't lie, it's a bit annoying, cause it happens every time I die there.

Review from Steam

I like it! Very Souls-y.

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