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Play as powerful mages from different guilds A total of 16 playable characters! Various characters from guilds other than "Fairy Tail" appear! Also, the game includes an original episode. Magic battles, Fairy Tail style Familiar moves from the source material such as Unison Raid and Extreme Magic can be performed! There are also Unison Raids that are original to the game. Aim to become the No. 1 guild The town of Magnolia and inside of the guild are fully depicted. Complete missions that appear on the request board, raise your guild's rank with your comrades, and aim to become the No. 1 guild! Note: "FAIRY TAIL Digital Deluxe", a set which includes the game "FAIRY TAIL", is also available for purchase. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A Review Based on a Hardcore Fan
As I consider myself to be a big fan of Fairy Tail, I feel that I could review this game based off of the experience I have due to watching the full anime.
I want to mention that this game was gifted to me, however, I would've spent the money regardless. I have also bought a DLC pack with my own money.
Overall, I did enjoy the game very much. Not only did it add more content to the relationships between the characters, but also the guild as a whole. I felt that I was just reliving/rewatching the anime but in a completely new way. This game could've been a lot better if they took their time and added more content. Despite the cons (that are listed below), as a hardcore fan...I think it's worth the buy.
• You can play characters from other guilds
• There is added content in interactions between characters, as well as individual characters.
ex: (character interactions that the anime did not show as much).
• It does include some arcs from the anime
• There is more content even after the "main game", which I highly recommend you to continue to play.
• It's pretty easy to play
• There is content from filler episodes in the anime

• The game does not start from the beginning of the anime
• Not many arcs are included in the game
• You don't see all the guild members in Fairy Tail
• You can't play every character in the Fairy Tail guild or in other guilds
• There could've been a lot more added content/stories between characters
ex: (there are bonds where sometimes if two characters have their bond increased, you'll get an interaction between them.) However, often times, there is no interactions, even among characters that in the anime did have some sort of a relationship. Even though certain characters haven't had interactions with each other in the anime, this was the time where they could've certainly explored with that.
• Not many outfits than I thought there would be

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

57 hours clear 44/44 unlock. Recommend if you are a Fairy Tail anime/manga fan.
Do not recommend if you have not seen the anime or manga.
The game is pretty good overall but suffers from very poor quest design (go and kill X critters repeatedly). Quest fighting takes up more than half the gameplay time, even with animation skip on. Game cuts out virtually all the character building that you see in the amine or manga, so unless you experienced that, you wont know who is who and wont understand a lot of what is going on. A significant portion of the draw is due to deep character building, which isnt present in this game.

Review from Steam

This as an anime game was okay. The battles are really fun but the story content feels really rushed, no models for certain characters and expensive costumes among other nitpicks. The only real reason I would recommend this game is that, I as a Fairy Tail fan enjoyed it, the character interactions were very true to the story and even told things the anime didn't. If the game was given more time and care it would have been a great game but I would give it a 7/10 just for enjoyment.

Review from Steam

dont buy this game if u aint in love with fairytail and dgaf bout the gameplay but just wanna play ur favorite charecter or just love firytail in general

Review from Steam

I'm just trying to make the Fairy Tail Guild great again! Great game so far, Will edit this review later! (Edit)
Game gets a lot of hate. I'm not quite sure what people were expecting. A masterpiece? Well, it's not.
-Honestly it looks great!
-Battle System very good, reminds me of Final Fantasy, Enchanted arms
-Story was good, nothing special though
-Characters are charming
-The side missions were mixed in with good missions and boring. At times felt like a drag
-Bugs here and there
-The worst con is it felt like Dragon Age, You often return to the same locations, way too many times, having to fight through the same enemies over & over
Final thoughts
This game is worth it for most fans of the series, and new comers. If you're skeptical then wait for a deal. Again it felt like it was dragging on at times returning to locations. There's a lot of content here for your dollar which is good for some, and may feel like too much time spent for others but you can just skip a lot of side missions to continue the story. I'm giving this 7.5/10

Review from Steam

Fun, turn-based game that strays away from the typical anime/ manga. Relatively easy mechanics, Game-play is no where near difficult by any means. Many occasions giving you the ability to play or walk around as whatever character you have unlocked, where as the story is a little more strict on whom you can play ( as are most games). The graphics and combat are actually fun to watch, but there is an option to auto fight/ turn off the battle animations. About 50% through the game i started using autobattle/battle scene skips unless i unlocked a new character then i wanted to see each one of their ability cinematics.
Overall id give the game a 7.5/10
You can pretty much play the game without customizing or farming any of the beneficial items. When i unlocked a new character i wanted to use, i didn't have to level their rating or put items on them to succeed. Extremely casual in a good way, and for someone that has yet to finish the Fairy Tail animes i really enjoyed playing it.
Worth the buy if you enjoy Pokemon/final fantasy style games especially if you like fairy tail.

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