Faded Stories: Full Moon

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the GameOnce approximately every 100 years, the unburied and forgotten undead gather in the city of Greenberg to undertake their final march. The missing, accident victims, and the murdered—everyone who hasn’t been properly laid to rest participates in this event. The ultimate destination is the city catacombs, whose gates are opened by the city authorities during an event called the Full Moon. Unfortunately, over the years, the history of Greenberg has faded away. Gaps in memory have been replaced with fiction and imagination. Today, it’s hard to tell what really happened and what’s just an urban legend. The city of Greenberg is a place of infinite potential, but when you live in such a place, it’s challenging to distinguish truth from rumor.

“Faded Stories: Full Moon” is an adventure game set in the surreal and unpredictable city of Greenberg. The entire series consists of short stories whose main aim is to showcase the culture, customs, and laws that govern this extraordinary place. By embodying a citizen of the city and living their daily life while larger events unfold in the background, you can experience the emotions that accompanied those who took part in them. The more stories you experience, the better you understand the world surrounding you.

“Full Moon” tells its story through four distinct stylistic and gameplay chapters, each one aiming to enchant and surprise the player. Despite the game’s story being told in a symbolic manner, and the chapters differing from one another, the entire game comes together in an elegant and astonishing way.

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