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Notices & Updates

Before you play...

This game is designed for Fans and First-Timers: for those who have played White Pearl and those who have not.

About the GameKey Features

  • A 2D pixel-art sci-fi and fantasy setting
  • Turn-based combat - slay foes with powerful combos and Team Attacks, detailed graphics for every strike you will take
  • 7 Chapters of main story with sidequests
  • Challenging and unique boss encounters
  • Many items, weapons and equipment to craft
  • A deep world and story to experience

What is Fabrication?Set before the events of White Pearl, Fabrication is a turn-based, story-focused, full-length RPG game that features an emotional story with deep characters and world to explore.

Experience the story of a rebellious group known as "The Underground" that seek to overthrow the world's iron-fisted rule, the Government.

You will play as Crimson Walker - newly-initiated into the rebellion on finding the answers to everything about the Government, she was torn away from her family from a young age due to these experiments and losing the person that mattered to her most - Caelus, the world's once-loved leader driven to suicide by the Government. She is joined by Jack, co-leader of the Underground rebellion, whom she starts to foster a relationship with. Crimson is being sustained by anger and vengeance for everything that the Government has done to her, will her cause be an exercise in futility or will you find the answers that she is searching for?

Her journey will also take her to Sarah, once part of the elite force of the Government army known as the Spectrum Snipers - Sarah left her stable life behind to fight for what she believes is morally right; to join the Underground rebellion, and to stop the oppression of the Government that she once worked for.

But the people are blind to the impending threat - to the eventual Dark Era that would rend the world asunder. Only the Mythologist, Rose, a woman blessed by this world's creators, is aware of this threat. Labelling Crimson as the "harbinger of prophecy", the tale of the Fourth Dark Era begins...Mechanics- A deep turn-based combat system that uses new systems: "Combos" and "Team Attacks".

Manage your resources carefully in battle. Hit enemy elemental weaknesses and build your party how you like with pieces of equipment with all sorts of special effects; play how you want to play! Do you like to stay on the defensive or do you prefer to smash you enemies with brute force? These options are available to you!


Depending on the order of keys you press, a different "finish skill" can become available. A finish skill is a powerful attack at the end of the combo.

Every character gains unique combos tied to their weapons.

Team Attacks:

Team up with your allies to unleash a powerful attack or an action that would benefit your party.


Upgrade weapons, items and armour through a new menu-based crafting system, known as Synthesis.

Using items you have obtained, you can restore them to their original materials using break down system.

Other Features

- A deep and varied equipment system. Build your characters to their strengths/weaknesses!

- Learn more about your comrades from a relationship level. Increasing this level will allow for more Team Attacks with that character.

- Rescue the three districts of Ottrea from their peril from a reputation level. Increasing this level will unlock more quests and content in the affected area.

- Fish in areas around the world to gain items essential for trading and rack up a hefty amount of Gold.

- Trade items obtained via fishing for powerful and unique items.

- A fully-implemented Quest Log to track the main story and side-quests. Now you will never lose your way! (It's a main feature because it was so highly requested from White Pearl...)

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