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Expeditions: Conquistador

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Conquer the New world: In the 16th Century, Spanish explorers and soldiers reached the shores of America. The search for gold, fame, and adventure drove these travelers into a treacherous wilderness where they faced hunger, disease, and dangerous predators. In their wake, the Aztec Empires lay in ruins.

Re-write the history of the Conquistadors: Forge diplomatic alliances with the natives... or crush the savages and bring civilization to the pagan tribes! Create an expedition of individual characters: Choose your followers wisely from over 30 characters, but be careful - they each have their own traits, opinions and moral standards.

Hunt for unimaginable riches and fight intense battles in the unforgiving jungle. In this turn based strategy RPG, a cunning plan is as vital as thoughtful resource management. Expeditions: Conquistador offers a rich storyline separated into two campaigns, challenging players throughout 25+ hours of gameplay. Strategy veterans as well as newbies will find their turn-based El Dorado!Features
  • Discover the New World! Travel to legendary locations in America, roam the jungle on the hunt for mystical temples as well as ancient ruins.
  • Create your own party of followers! Choose from more than 30 characters, train your recruits and lead them to battle. Coach them as they will develop from untrained recruits to fierce battlefield veterans.
  • Four highly customisable difficulty levels will challenge pros and newbies alike. But be warned: The Iron Man mode is a real beast!
  • Choice & Consequence: Use your skills to avoid hostility or, when diplomacy breaks down, adapt your tactics to highly varied terrains across more than 70 battlefields.
  • Challenge your friends to tactical PvP combat in either Hot Seat mode or via TCP/ICP.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I had owned this game for a while but rage-quit the first time I played it because I realized early on that I hadn't optimized my character and early-game decisions for the type of game I wanted to play. I didn't come back to this game again until after I played the developer's next entry in this series, Expeiditions: Viking. Because of the significant overlap in the basic game design between the two games, I was able to appreciate this game a lot more the second time around.
If you've never played one of these games before, there may be a bit of a learning curve before you get the hang of how to assign tasks to your crew members most efficiently, and which dialogue options you should should choose to affect the morale of various members of your crew, based on the personality traits of each respective member. If you choose a crew with mostly consonant traits, and play mostly according to what fits the personalities of your crew, it is easy to maximize the morale of almost all of your crew members.
The game is surprisingly well balanced and optimized. The combat is quite fun and addictive. I hope the developer keeps making historical games like this, it's a solid game design concept with plenty of room for further entries into the series.

Review from Steam

So I have now completed the three expeditions games in the past two months,so my experience with the whole series is quite fresh.
Expeditions Conquistador still stands as probably the best one of the series in the grand majority of fields. The overworld map is at its best in this game, with an actual sense of exploration that will allow you to be surprised when you discover a new city/village... or ancient ruins. The resources are pretty much only important at the first hours, then you will have plenty of them, except probably money itself. The skill system and level system is probably the worst part of the game, there is not a lot of freedom to choose for and the units are very very very similar if the share the same class and you can't do nothing about it. The combat itself is quite basic tactical with tiles, it's more than good enough to keep you interesting.
Where this game shines is probably in your companion and the stories that develop throughout the game. Even tho your companions are not "specific" ones with faces and all, they do develop quite a bit, and the stories that will happen in the overworld are really good. They will give you their opinion depending on your choices and not all the time will be happy opinions, but they will try to influence you towards what they want based on their personalities.
All in all an absolutely great game, if you want more comparisons with the sequels I will review them as well.

Review from Steam

A bit dated at this point but still worth it on a sale or if you like this period of history. Hopefully they will do a updated version in the future. Would also love to see a Expeditions Africa set in the late 19th, early 20th century.

Review from Steam

Still one of the most original strategy games.

Review from Steam

It has been awhile since I played Conquistador, but thought I'd leave a review with Rome coming next month because I just love the whole series.
The combat is solid, I have some objections to the relative effectiveness of bows compared to arquebuses, but as a whole the combat is tactically interesting and rewards good planning. The writing is excellent and it brings to life a period of history that is seldom written about. The companions are good with well handled backstories that react to your actions and to those of the other companions.
As a gamer with a history degree myself I find the Expeditions series hits that sweet spot of historically flavored gaming impeccably.

Review from Steam

Quick Summary: Expeditions: Conquistador is a party-based RPG with some resource management and turn-based combat. There are two campaigns, the first is the “introductory” island of Hispaniola. The main campaign follows exploring Mexico.
Gameplay loop: During the day you have limited movement points to explore the map. You can find resources, explore at certain sites, and visit villages to trade or obtain information/quests. Night time you set your party members to the tasks of guarding, patrolling, hunting for food/meat, etc.

Party: Consists of roughly a dozen characters of half a dozen different classes. Character statistics are “limited”, so there isn’t much variation between two hunters, although they will have different personality traits and back stories. You can use XP gained to promote a member of your party for stat boosts and skills.
Random encounters can happen on the map while travelling or during the night. Fixed encounters are triggered by map location or conversations. Your choices will affect your followers’ morale. Choose to rush into combat and your cautious followers may lose morale. Spare the lives of the natives and your peaceful followers will gain morale, but your racist followers may lose morale. If a character’s morale drops too low, they may leave and mutiny.
Resource management: Equipment, Rations, Medicine and Valuables are the primary resources. You can also collect wood, metal etc to craft traps and items during the night. Meat from hunting and encounters can be eaten instead of rations or preserved (turning it into rations). So, with enough successful hunting/fishing you can easily avoid starving.
Combat is relatively quick, turn-based IGO/UGO, with most battles being 6 on 6, where you choose (your best) characters to fight and hopefully avoid serious injury (being knocked out). Each character has X move points (MPs) where they can “run” (move double their MPs but not fight) or move up to their MPs performing an action before, during or after their move. Injured characters can only receive treatment during the night and can’t be chosen for future battles until 100% well again.
1. Character Sheets are very generic and there isn’t much variation between characters with the same class. One warrior is pretty much the same as the next of equal rank.
2. UI is a little clunky. HINT: Use the map to select which village/map marker you want to go to, and then hit space bar to travel along the designated route. You can interrupt movement with spacebar to stop at any herbs/chests/points of interest you spot on your way.
3. Game mechanics aren’t well explained in-game and it took me the first couple hours to figure out what can be done and how to do it. There are some in-game tutorials (and a manual) that offer some assistance but be prepared to bumble a bit through Hispaniola (or as I call it, Tutorial Island).
4. Although you can discover different character stories on a second playthrough (there are around 25-30 different characters to choose when starting a new game), the main map is the same with same main story and fixed encounters. So, replay value is limited.
Overall: Expeditions is an entertaining and engaging experience of exploration. Like a brief case of dysentery, some initial discomfort will occur, but once passed, you can enjoy the adventure.

Review from Steam

This is a really interesting game, it's quite difficult but never to the point of being unfair, if you want you can hit backspace+ give or heal if you are getting your ass beat too hard, it's cheating but hey it's a single player game. The story and setting are really cool, you are a conquistador out re-consquesting the americas. You can decide to be a friend or the end of the indians in America.

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