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Evil Reap

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4-player online co-op, first person shooter, waved based, PVE, demon-slaying madness.

Slaughter endless hordes of demons, either solo or with friends.

Choose from some of earths mightiest warriors and defend it against the hordes of demons spawning in from hell itself!

Dispatch them quickly and collect their souls as reward.


– Abilities – Charge various abilities by collecting the souls of the damned.

– Brutal Melee Combat – From punching demons in the face to smashing their faces in with a sledgehammer.


– Modern weapons – Choose from a selection of modern-day weapons to dispatch the horde.

– Strategic Enemies – Demons which require precision critical strikes to take them down safely and quickly.

– Traps – Multiple contraptions to help thin out the horde.

– Power-ups and Perks – Over 10 buyable perks to help you go toe to toe with the horde.

Fast loading times – Quickly get into a demon slaying session with friends.

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