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Everpixel Valley

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Action RPG meets farming simulator.

You've inherited a dusty plot of land. With your trusty axe, you set out to establish your pixelated dominance. Can you turn your farm into a bustling empire? It won't be easy - you'll have to fight off hordes of enemies seeking plunder. But you won't have to do it alone - raise an army of tutu-wearing dinosaurs , obese unicorns, and sharks with friggin' laser beams on their heads to take the fight to your enemies.


  • Turn your dusty plot of land into a bustling farm! Sow crops, raise critters, and gather materials. But be careful - you'll need to build defenses. Invaders will seek to pillage your hard work.
  • Hack n' Slash ARPG: Defend your farm - wade into the fray and make your enemies regret coming to your turf.
  • Character development: Over 24 perk trees to choose from! Choose carefully - you can only choose one primary and three secondary trees!
  • Dynamic Landscape: Specializing in a tree changes the farm around you! Pyromancer's farms become grow hot while Toximancers poison the very land around them! Choose your crops accordingly - not every crop enjoys fire; not every crop is hydrated by poison!
  • Crafting: Everything you grow, every material you gather from your foes can be used for crafting. Forge slime swords, gem-infused chainmail, or tools to accessorize your buildings. The materials you use determines the enchantments you get!
  • Critters: What farm is complete without dinosaurs, wiener dogs, and walruses? Raise your livestock from eggs into your greatest allies! Bring them into battle or use them as mounts. Your critters eat different crops and produce different materials, so experiment to find the combination that suits your taste!

About Us:

Doom Dino Games is currently a one-man show. I am a professional software engineer that never forgot why I became a software engineer in the first place - I wanted to make great games. Eclectically inspired by games as varied as Diablo 2, XCom, Stardew Valley, Super Mario, Battle Brothers, Dwarf Fortress and Baldur's Gate 2, I am passionate about making games that I want to play myself.
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