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Erotic Justice

Erotic Justice Screenshot 1
Erotic Justice Screenshot 3
Erotic Justice Screenshot 5

A politician has been murdered at the birthday maid’s brothel and its up to Max and his assistant Fizz to find the culprit.

Gifted with the ability to penetrate the lies of suspects, Max normally closes cases with ease but this one is more complicated than it seems…

With grudges centuries in the making, illusionary worlds, secret powers and a harem to build, Max certainly has his work cut out for him and will need your help to solve the case! And get laid along the way of course…

  • 3 Cases that connect to form 1 unforgettable story
  • 80 unique sex scenes

    -71 stills and 9 animations (not counting variants)

  • Unlockable gallery
  • Optional futa mode, enjoy dickgirl content or turn it off if its not your thing!
  • Branching story with multiple endings and secrets along the way
  • Impregnation mechanic for all the girls (which also impacts the ending you receive…)
  • Writer/Programmer: Wilsonthegreen
  • Artist: Teliodraw
  • Animator: Ringumu
  • Voice Actor: Rubyred VA
  • Voice Actor: OpaluVA
  • Voice Actor: KumBomb
  • Voice Actor: Sharp touth VA
  • Voice Actor: Spicybarmaid
  • Voice Actor: VA MetallicFox0
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