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Epoch Ultra

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Epoch Ultra is an exciting new survival game that challenges you and your friends to persevere through a dystopian cyberpunk future. Build, craft, and fight to shape the places around you and become the ultimate architect to the fate of your world.

You’ll begin your journey outside the city of Samsara

  • Scavenge the world around you to survive
  • Choose from a variety of classes like Mercenary, Envoy, and Medic
  • Build a base on land or at sea
  • Specialize in a crafting profession like Engineering, Chemistry, and Mechanics
  • Manage your health with a simulated blood pressure system
  • Clash with outlaws, federal agents, advanced military units, and other players
  • Craft weapons, implants, consumables, and equipment from resources around the world
  • Recruit followers to join you in battle and protect your assets
  • Take to the water and search for valuable salvage
  • Engage in solo and group PVE content
  • Defend your base from federal raids
  • Lay siege to other players structures and take what they own
  • Keep your energy emissions low to stay off the radar
  • Proudly declare “To hell with energy emissions!” and become a titan of industry
  • Learn how to play with the assistance of your friendly handler

You are human. When the technology is stripped away, death can come in the shape of a single stray gunshot. You do not magically survive injuries, and they will not heal themselves. Your journey through the world of Epoch Ultra will not be easy, but you won’t be alone! With the help of your friends and a few NPC companions, you’ll have all the tools you need to brave the waters, wasteland, and city streets.

We look forward to releasing Epoch Ultra for you. Until we do, feel free to check out our demo available here on Steam by utilizing the “Download Demo” button at the top of this page! Engage in vicious multiplayer combat scenarios and get a peek at what Epoch Ultra is bringing to the table!

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