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Enemy On Board is an online multiplayer (6vs2) social deduction game where 2 random players are the Alien imposters and the other 6 players are Crew members. The Crew’s goal is to figure out which 2 among them are Aliens, hunt them down, and kill them - all while repairing the spaceship’s generators to keep communication lines open in an effort to escape space isolation. Aliens sow discord, and wreak havoc in order to destroy the Crew members by whatever means necessary. Last team standing wins.

  • Choose from one of many Crew members, each with their own unique character abilities and perks

  • Establish who the 2 Alien impostors are and kill them with your trusted teammates

  • Keep communication lines open, get weapon ammo, and progress through the round by fixing broken generators aboard the Andromeda

  • Scavenge weapons from the Armory and hunt suspected Aliens

  • Survive for long enough and turn into a powerful Cyborg to face the Aliens head on

  • Choose your powerful Alien and execute your deadly strategy to destroy the Crew

  • Sow distrust, deceive Crew members, and stay hidden in plain sight

  • Strategize with your alien partner in Alien voice-chat

  • Gather Evolution Points using your alien ability

  • Harvest enough Evolution Points and transform into your powerful Alien form to decimate the Crew. Each alien has a unique attack, the skill of their species
TRUST NO ONEEnemy On Board is a game of teamwork and trust for the ultimate goal: survival. Aliens and Crew both use built-in voice-chat to communicate, and Aliens even have their own second channel to strategize. Just a piece of advice for you...Aboard the Andromeda, it's best to trust no one.REAL-TIME ACTION COMBATSpace is a messy place - even more so when there are 2 aliens among you, that just killed your friends. Tensions can often rise and you just have to whack someone with a hammer. Instead of voting out the Alien impostors - kill them. Don't just trick people - orchestrate a friendly Saturday-afternoon mauling for them.DEEP PROGRESSION SYSTEMSLevel up your character and progress through the perk-tree to gain that extra edge on your opponents as you compete to be the best. Character abilities and perks all have 3 impact levels. Ascend your character to level up your character ability and roll for upgraded perks.AN ONGOING JOURNEYEnemy On Board is in Alpha via Steam Early Access. We could have kept the game closed or put the alpha behind a paywall and gone F2P later, but we'd rather just get your feedback and build this game WITH you. Updates are released regularly and we plan to operate Enemy on Board for years to come. Our official Discord is the best place to meet friends and share critical feedback with the development team. We sincerely hope to meet you there.

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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Originally this game was great, it had a fun deceptive element to it and you could play with a small group of friends and simply enjoy it. But after the update that increased the required number of players the player count dropped immensely and a lot of people simply stopped enjoying the game. While the update was a novel and fun concept, it didn't really help the game at all, nearly killing off the player count. If the game was reverted to the pre-1.5.0 update the Player Count might actually get back to it's previous state. As it is now it has changed from a deception game with fun elements to a interesting game with a novel concept but not a good execution.
It feels like at first the 1.5.0 update was praised, but it most definitely heavily impacted the player count and replay ability of the game. You can see this via the reviews now. I do say it is a good game for a one and done currently as it is now. But if it was reverted back to it's pre-1.5.0 update it would be amazing. I still say you should at least try it out if you get the players for it.

Review from Steam

its a shame this died over time would of been amazing if they had new maps and aliens. they still could revive this game if they really go for it and make bigger maps and all

Review from Steam

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