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Enemy Gates Stealth War

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In the middle of world war II a Special Operations unit were created to fulfill particular conflicts, infiltrate and gather information and paralyze enemy bases. As a stealth infiltrator your most powerful tools are patience and time.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Sun Tzu


◉ Great Enemy AI and Level design

◉ Toon Graphics style

◉ Intuitive controls with Game Controller support with custom remapping.

◉ Great third person graphics

◉ Variety of missions from bomb planting and disposal to assassinations.

◉ Great weapons and armors.

◉ No In app purchase, PC version has generous rewards.

◉ Over 100+ missions.

◉ Mission based storyline

- Training Missions

- Chapter 1"Failure is an Option"

- Chapter 2 "Iron Confidence"

- Chapter 3 "War Machines"

- Chapter 4 "Hell's Gate"

This game is the PC version of the popular mobile game of the same name. Graphics have been greatly improved but can still be run on basically a potato PC with DX11. There are NO In App purchase so acquiring Tech Points have been adjusted generously to have a more relaxed gameplay.
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